Weekly Event: The Shoving Maze (7 Mar)



##Who will topple who?
Welcome to :facepunch: The Shoving Maze :facepunch:, another challenge setting The Diamond Devastators at odds with The Emerald Eviceraters! Twice these teams have met on the blocky field of digital combat; twice The Emerald Eviceraters have been forced to lick their wounds at the end of the day. As the suns sets over the pixelated battlefield, will they walk away triumphant or further-disenfranchised?

As the game begins, players will work their way through an invisible maze (it’s already there ;)) in an effort to force their way to the middle, claim the flag, and shove behind the enemy’s lines to score in this push-style capture-the-flag match!

Everything starts at the usual time; join me Saturday, 7 March at 9pm EST to test your mettle :wink:

State of the Server (8 Mar)

I need a compass, or I won’t be able to find my way.


I think you’ll be fine


First time I’ve been completely done with a build by Thursday; you lot are in for an adventure this weekend :wink:


Can’t wait


Sounds like a blast!


Can confirm, looks like a fun adventure this week despite the proper sign spelling.


Im sorry guys but im gonna have to miss another week…i hurt my back and cannot sit up in my chair without alot of pain. so im laying in bed medicated playing ps4…anybody wanna do anything ps4ish ill probably be on playing something or if im not im sleeping. peace love and Klonopin.


Get better soon man. Back injuries are no joke. Was wondering why you weren’t on minecraft.


Heal fast!


Who’s pumped for the event tonight?! As a note: due to some real-life limitations, I’m going to have to put the map up earlier than usual; the server is going to have to come down around 7:45pm EST for the change because I’m not going to have access to my gaming computer starting around 8pm EST and I need to double-check that there are no issues with anything for tonight.

The story (for those curious): my brother-in-law’s dog had cancer in its leg and just had an amputation Thursday; literally everyone living or staying in this house right now is either working or celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary tonight, so guess who has to dog-sit the freshly-amputated animal? I’ll be downstairs on my laptop (in Mumble and on the server) to watch the fun, but I won’t be able to participate or go through my more-timely map change this week as a result. Switching back to the survival map is a lot less difficult (and the likelihood of problems is extremely low, comparatively), so I’ll run upstairs and handle that once the event is over. Apologies for this; I do everything in my power to avoid this kind of conflict of schedule, but the planet’s aligned against me tonight.

The event time is still as scheduled: 9pm EST

Auth (Ninja_Ducky)

Consider this post redacted due to another last-minute change of circumstance; see below :wink:


Change 37: the dog is having minor complications and now isn’t being released from the vet until Monday; all timelines will be per usual rather than adjusted tonight :wink:


I’m sure this is somehow relevant. Just not sure how.


It’s best to just go with it and not ask questions :wink:


Less than an hour!


We are up and running; get in here peeps :wink:


Thanks to everyone who came out to play; it was a bit of a hot mess at times, but I loved the feedback I got and will do some iterations on this to improve it in case we ever break it back out.

Fee free to leave any feedback in here so I can continue to improve this event and future ones :wink: