Weekly Event: The Walls (28 Mar)



#What happens when Devestators and Eviceraters turn on each other?
:bamboo:The Walls :bamboo: marks the first week since we started doing events that will pit players against one another beyond the boundaries of our usual teams. This classic PvP survival map by Hypixel drops 4 teams into identical regions with a time limit to prepare for the oncoming fight (probably 20 or 30 minutes, not 15 like the video). After the time has elapsed, the walls come down and it’s a last-team-standing fight to the death!

Based on the event turnout this Saturday, 21 Mar at 9pm EDT, we’ll break into teams as evenly as possible and set to work plotting each others’ demise; see you there :wink:

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Oh man! I’d love to show up for this one.


This sounds really cool




Reminder bump :wink:

The server will be going down at the usual time of 8:30pm EDT. Unlike previous weeks, it will go up and down a couple times during the prep period as I need to check a couple more things, but doing so requires me to reload the map as there’s no way to reset it; if you decide to join during the prep time frame, you’ll probably get DCed several times. Once I have everything properly set, the MOTD on the server will be a welcoming message; hit refresh on the multiplayer page to watch for it :wink:


I kinda rehurt my back today and sitting in a chair doesn’t feel the greatest. I’m gonna have to miss the walls which sucks. I will be online on ps4 as I can play that In a prone position. Sorry :disappointed:


Alright folks, the server is coming live :wink:


Due to lack of participation tonight, this event is being rescheduled for next week; the main server is back up :wink:


Right then, same party, new night; who’s pumped? :wink:

Birthday weekend schedule and prizes

im pumped…this looks so cool…will be there!!