Weekly Event!

World Boss Roundup!

This week we are taking on Tarian the Grim.
He’s a big bad Gargoyle that you can actually tame as a battle pet.
Located in Dewstone Plains
If you want to attempt to tame him, please let me know in the comments below and make sure to get a mythical taming net. Otherwise we will down him for the loot.

We need as many people as possible, Min. lvl 30. We need at least 1 healer 2 would be preferable. At least one Tank will be needed as well.

We will be meeting up at Sandcloud in Dewstone Plains at 7:30pm (CST) Friday.

Please comment below with your Class/Role and if you want to tame.


I’ll be there!! CC and DPS

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Working friday :frowning: if we reatempt on sunday I can tank and tame him.

I’ll definitly be there, my pc should be up and running by then.


i will be there with all the dps i can bring


Okay, the group is shaping up rather nicely.
We’ve got few Death Dealers ready to kill. I think what we really need at this point is a tank, so make sure to tell all of the guildies who don’t frequent the forums to come check it out so we can get as big a group as possible.

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On it my man!

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We’re still in need of a tank guys so if you know of someone who tanks let me know.
I would also like a second healer but I think @Kymora_Yuna_Staheli can help me out with that.

And so far no one has said they want to tame the boss, if you want to tame please post that here and make sure to get your mythical taming net.

Yep Wayward, Any time :smiley:

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well my kit is made to be a tanky kiter, with a bigger aspect on defense than shadowplay and archery especially since world bosses cant get debuffed. oh and i have all the mats for a taming net, except for the most expensive mats which is 45 Charcoal stabalizer. If anyone can get all the other mats, ill gladly donate my mats to help you as much as i can.

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Tonight is the night everyone, we should have enough people to take him down, it may not be the ideal group but we will make it happen.

No one has said they want to tame him so we’ll kill him till he’s dead. :smiley:

7:30 pm at Sandcloud, Dewstone Plains.

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