Weekly Events for the next few weeks



Hey guys, just wanted to give everyone a quick heads up: I’m going to have to put a hold on Minecraft events for the next few weeks until I get out of school. At present, I don’t have a way to enable others to launch event maps and the like on the server without handing over my credentials and I’m in the final stretch leading into finals and a massive research paper I’m over 2 months behind on because they only just decided to approve my topic. The server isn’t going anywhere, I’m still managing backups and the like, and I’m still available if something goes amiss, but I cannot afford the time to design/find/run the events until the middle of May following finals. Rest assured, I’m not working or taking classes this summer, so we’ll have plenty more Minecraft fun scheduled :wink:

Apologies for the inconvenience. In the interim, please let me know if there are any Minecraft minigames/event maps you’re interested in seeing Strats host/play and we’ll see about hitting them up once we get into the summer months. See y’all on the other end of this!

Auth (Ninja_Ducky)