Weekly Heroic Strike

If anyone needs to do the Weekly Heroic Strike still, just send me message in game and I’ll be down.

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I need to do it. I’m down right now if you like.

I’m down, will have to be tomorrow though.

I need to, but it’s late. I’ll be around tomorrow night.

Is there anyone else who still needs this? I’m on step 3/4 for the Invective bounty and need to wipe this one out so I can buy up the special ammo packs. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: Should mention I’m central time on PS4. ID in game is eschatolic

I will be attempting this later tonight 9pm est at level 28 if you’d like to team up @eschatolic

That’d be great. Message me in game?

Yes I’ll send you an invite then

I’m in need of some help with the Weekly Strike this afternoon. If anyone’s available, please join my party: Weekly Strike Love