Weekly Leadership Meetings and You [Redacted]


#Hey everyone!
For those who don’t know, Strats has a leadership meeting every week on Monday in Mumble where we invite everyone who is at least trust level 3 to discuss the goings-on in Strats and get feedback from our most engaged community members. The meetings are recorded then subsequently uploaded to Sound Cloud and linked on the Strats Weekly Update thread. In the last couple weeks, however, we’ve noticed a tendency for these meetings to spend a large chunk of time focusing on individual franchises, often centered around topics that are specific to that title and unrelated to the greater community. As a result, we’re making a small change moving forward…

#New franchise leadership meetings
Starting this Monday, the leaders of the various titles Strats is involved in will be available in Mumble from 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT to hear from any- and everyone who’d like to talk about anything with them. Got an idea that would make the experience better for the game they’re in charge of or a concern you’d like to air in person? This is your chance to make a difference and engage with the individual(s) directly responsible!

#Why are we doing this?
Our primary goal is to make sure as many voices as want to be heard are given a platform to engage with their leaders. Following this, those leaders will bring the discussion points pertinent to the community up at the Strats leadership meeting, which will now begin at 9:30pm EDT. Additionally, this will help focus our leaders and streamline the community’s leadership meeting so we can focus more on macro issues, concerns, and discussions.

As we continue to delegate responsibilities, we plan to have additional discussion opportunities open up like making @tommy2118 available to discuss the latest news for #teamstrats and the like, but that’is a little ways off at this point; in the words of our fearless leader, we’re aiming for MVP at this point, but we’re constantly working to improve the situation and will keep you all appraised as this plan continues to develop.

Feel free to ask any questions or post any feedback :wink:



Just wondering can any one below trust level 3 still listen in but be muted or something?


At this point we’ve got the meetings locked out to trust level 3 and above, but we record each meeting and upload the file so others can listen after the fact; check out this week’s Strats Update thread for the most recent meeting’s audio and keep an eye out for them each week :wink:


What @Auth said. Also note that it’s gated only by forum participation. Leveling up happens automatically and is not something that anyone manually bestows on members. This allows us to easily involve the regulars who consistently participate here.


Question about trust levels? When do you know when you’ve been bumped? Is there a notification about it?


Yes, you should get something about being awarded a new trust level in you notification (chat bubble) drop-down, IIRC.


[quote=“Auth, post:1, topic:5326”]
Starting this Monday, the leaders of the various titles Strats is involved in will be available in Mumble from 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT
Thanks for this great post + reminder, @Auth! I needed it.


I’m not sure about all trust levels but I know that at 3 (Regular) you get a badge and a title, that’s how I knew.


Due to lack of community participation, we’re reverting the weekly leadership meeting back to its original time (9:00pm EST/EDT) and suspend this program indefinitely.