Weekly Promotion Megathread (15 May)


#What is this I don’t even?!
For those that attended/watched/listened to the leadership meeting on Monday, this was expected; I suspect everyone else is wondering what’s going on. Starting this week, we’re revamping our draconian Weekly Recruitment Thread and evolving it with a Meta Stone into the Weekly Promotion Megathread! So, let’s talk about what this means and how to use this resource.

#The OP is a wiki post
From here on out, rather than having a a pair of thread (one for posts being linked to and another for discussion) we’re transitioning to a single thread that can do it all! The intent is to make the discussion easier to have and directly affiliated with the posts said talks are about. This should be especially helpful for those of us that engage with these forums via mobile devices. Below there will be a Wiki Section for users of appropriate trust level to add submissions to that could use a little TLC from the Strats community.

###To edit this wiki post, click the small green button in the top-right of the OP :wink:

#What kind of things should we be linking?
There are several ways for us to spread the good word of Strats far and wide across the internet, not the least of which are our weekly recruitment posts from the various franchises. Having all these posted in the OP will only make things easier as we continue to expand to more and more games, but that’s not the only viable content (by any stretch) that you awesome folks provide.

If you make a great thread on an official game forum, drop some knowledge in a reddit comment, or link a post you wrote up on our forums somewhere on the Internet, let us know! The more we spread and support our ideals and ideas, the better and broader our user base becomes; we can’t reach people if we aren’t reaching out. The content is being created (lots of it, and it’s solid) all we need to do is be good stewards of what we make and stand behind it :wink:

#In closing
We’ll continue to tweak this format in the coming weeks as we have a chance to see how it all works out; feel free to discuss any of the links in the Wiki Section or this thread in general so we can continue to be the beacon of awesome we deserve to be :wink:


#Wiki Section
Please post your links here and do not amend anything above. Leaders, please help police this thread by keeping an eye on the edits; I seriously doubt we have any trolls in our ranks that would mess with our promotional post, but I’d rather err on the side of caution :wink:

##Drop those links!



Is someone just sitting with the post edit open? It keeps getting reverted!

EDIT: Worked now, added Star Citizen posts.


It was probably me doing my obligatory 12 edits before I’m happy with it :wink:


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Way to take the gloves off; hopefully the one mod of that subreddit does something about the problem or else there’s going to have to be a new one made :wink: That said, considering his last post was 16 days ago (and he’s not exactly an active poster to begin with), methinks that sub is going to tank all on its own. Might be time to do the r/ESOBuilds tactic.


Yeah exactly, look at all the threads there. Everyone just goes down the list and downvotes everything.


Added CS:GO team guestbook love link.


@Wayward @Wheatums want me to post for ESO?


cough @Dynamible what’s the word on Destiny cough


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I’m traveling at this point. Won’t be able to do it for a while now.


We are up and running.


I meant what’s the word on the recruiting post :wink:


I’m sure what you mean. I assume you meant, have you put it up? I didn’t get a chance last night, so I just put it up. :confused:


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