Weekly Recruitment (Feb 13)

Friday the 13th edition!

For those who don’t know, we’re out to grow Strats as much as possible across multiple platforms and games. If there’s a title you’d like to start recruiting for that has an appropriate subreddit or on any other website, shoot me a message and we’ll get it added to our weekly list :wink:

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Here’s a quick refresh of how this thread works:

  1. DO NOT reply in this thread except to post a link to the appropriate r/guild or other forum/website. We only need one link per guild per website; please allow the individual(s) responsible for posting on reddit and other websites to handle this. They are most likely your leadership. If you know of a site we’re not advertising on please let your officers know so we can start.
    NOTE: You will not always be linked directly to the post. For reddit in particular, if we were to link straight to the post the votes cast by following that link wouldn’t count. We’ll drop a link to the subreddit, but you’ll have to find the actual post yourself (it shouldn’t be too difficult ;))
    NOTE 2: If you’re responsible for a community reddit post, please wait until Friday when this thread goes up to post it. This will (hopefully) ensure it’s still on the frontpage of the appropriate subreddit and make it easier for our guys to find them.

  2. Find the pictured button at the bottom of this thread and click the button that says “O Regular”

  3. It should bring up the following menu. Select “Watching” to be notified whenever a new reply is added. This will ensure as additional r/guild posts show up here, you’ll be notified.

  4. Go forth and help promote Strats by upvoting and bumping our community’s posts :smiley:
    NOTE: While we’re trying to promote ourselves, DO NOT downvote or otherwise interfere with other guilds’/communities’ posts. We’re better than that and I’ve no interest in seeing Strats getting in trouble.