Weekly Update (11/29/14)

Greetings Guardians

This is your weekly update. Here you can get the latest on what Strats is up to in Destiny. We use these posts to show how the clan is moving forward. We can also highlight on anything cool that happens to any of you. If you want to see the overview of what Strats had for raid parties, we have that here too. Check back each week for updates.

Sherpa Tuesday

Thanks to last weeks Sherpa event we gained a new member @Fyrefly21. We were able to help her through the Nightfall, Weekly Heroic, and Vault of Glass. Yeah it was a good night. Lets help out some more people this Tuesday, so we can bring in more great members and have some fun. Check out the Sherpa post and join in. Also inform people to check out the Reward Thread. Lets get this going every Tuesday and help out some people.

Iron Banner Video

Last week we started asking for videos from the Iron Banner. Send us in your best clips or your worst fails. We are going to get some videos together or maybe even a montage. Send us in your videos here. We will be cutting off submission on December 5, 2014. So get your clips in by then, so we can get a video together. We are aiming to make it real nice and get a lot of views, so help us help you. :wink:

Level Thirty?

Are you level thirty? We want to know. Head over and add YOUR name to the list of every level thirty in our clan to gage how ready we are for the upcoming Dark Below DLC. This will be a great tool to get groups together and encourage people to reach it as well. This is bragging rights people and a great way to figure out who we need help get there. Those of you that are level thirty will receive a much coveted badge right here on the forums. It’s top secret right now, so your gonna want this. :astonished:

Raid Time

Guardian Down PS4

Guardian Down is currently completing the hard mode raid. Members are still working on getting to level 30, so there is progress to be made. Here is there schedule.

  • Tuesday 6pm EST (Hard Mode Clear)
  • Thursday 6pm EST (Make Up Day)
  • Saturday 4pm EST (Make Up Day)

Raid Team Bravo (Recruiting) PS4

We are currently recruiting for primary and secondary members. We are clearing the vault in and hour and a half normally. We are looking to take on Hard Mode soon, so everyone is getting to 29. Apply here. Here is our schedule.

  • Thursday 8pm EST (Normal Mode Clear)


Our newest raid team is @auth’s Atheon Assaultors. They are looking for members to get their team off the ground. Head over [here][4] and sign up. Here is the schdule they are looking at.

  • Sunday 6:00 PM EST (Normal Mode Clear)