Welcome back to ESO



I signed in. Clicked the left mouse button. Shot an arrow. 4 city guards ran over and promptly killed me. 5 player characters then ran over and started tea bagging my character.

Welcome to Free2Play.


Could I possibly get my officer rank back? I am a peon. @soupsandwich1


I didn’t see if I was the guild master.


Pro tip: don’t fight the guards. Until they release phase 2 of the Justice System (players as enforcers and PvP in cities), the guards are invincible and will kill you quickly. My sorc can bolt escape away, but the other classes have a tough time getting away.


@Xerosum is the current GM. You are an officer right now.


Changed my ESO userid again its @Biff_Tannen82


Are you on the lamb?


I was on the lamb when I changed it to soup sandwich. I was being hunted by Reddithium but now that they don’t exist I figured it would be safe to change it again.