Welcome to Archeage! We play on Enla!

Recruitment message:

Strats, an 18+ gaming community, is recruiting for ArcheAge. We use Mumble and plan to become a pirate expeditionary force. /w me to join or ask questions

[NA][Pirate] [PvP] [West] [Strats] On Enla realm

Welcome to the Archeage Branch of Strats Co.!

We are currently playing on Enla!

Our ever evolving community has decided to make Archeage one of our flagships. We are very excited with the tremendous potential of Archeage and the thrilling battles that will ensue once we embark on our adventure through Ark!

Our destiny is yet to be written!

Our decision to become pirates will reverberate throughout the realms! Our aim is to form a pirate alliance and control the seas. There will be adversity and tough times ahead of us but pirates have no fear, especially professional ones!

How do i become a Strats Co. member?

First post an introduction in the Intro to Strats Co thread!
If you have Steam, join the Steam Group.
Get on Mumble and say hello. Click here for the mumble info thread!
Pour yourself an adult beverage.
Browse, post, reply, like, star, make friends, join us on mumble and venture into our gaming world!

Welcome aboard!

How do i join the guild?

To join Strats in game send @majordomo @Wheatums or @Dracoismenium a private mesage on our forums asking for an invite or go in game and whisper any of our members for one. The best way to get a quick invite is to join our mumble server and ask anyone for one!

For information regarding the game visit:

http://www.reddit.com/r/archeage/ (Check the sidebar for relevant links and news)

We got boats!

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