Welcome to Wildstar! (Orientation Thread)



Welcome to Strategy and Company also known as Strats Co! I hope we will become your online gamine home for times to come!

Hopefully we will make the Wildstar Division the most successful one! With only a short time till launch lets introduce ourselves and get to know each other a little more!

I’m new here, what should I do?

It’s always nice to just jump right in but if you’re feeling particularly OCD about your participation here, these steps will maximize your intro to this here bad ass community of cool kids:

  • Finish reading this!
  • Post an introduction in the… introduction thread.
  • Post your name and what class you will/might be playing in wildstar! (that will add you to our launch day invites!)
  • If you have Steam, join the Steam Group.
  • Get on Mumble and say hello. Click here for the mumble info thread!
  • Pour yourself an adult beverage.
  • Browse, post, reply, like, star, make friends, 0wn n00bs (but don’t spell it like that).

List of Launch Day Registered members: (If you have just registered with Strats Co or you are already a member and want to be part of Wildstar post here in the following format: forum name - IGN; in game name Cladd: example stalker)

  • Majordomo - IGN: Majordomo
  • Reptile - IGN: Reptile
  • GuardianX - IGN: Shiah
  • Serai - IGN: Serayn
  • Klutchkandy IGN: klutchkandy
  • Droul - IGN: Droul
  • senNish - IGN: Sennish
  • AndroSphinx12 - IGN: AndroSphinx
  • Vocino - IGN: Vocino
  • shortround - IGN: Shortround
  • Diacuss - IGN: Diacuss
  • Dracoismenium - IGN: RezaGard
  • Popinski -IGN: SodaPopinski
  • KnightsOfTheRou -IGN: BusterSword
  • Absintheminded - IGN: ‘Absintheminded’
  • dontcallmejames - IGN: dontcallmejames
  • Olmak - IGN: Olmak
  • Wheatums310 - IGN: Wheatums310
  • Sky_Armada - IGN: Sky_Armada
  • Carbon14 - IGN: Zarrad
  • Yikari - IGN: Yikari
  • java - IGN: J4VA
  • Hiermes - IGN: Hiermes
  • DupLex - IGN: DupLex
  • Ratha - IGN: Ratha
  • tennis - IGN: tennis
  • CaptainPhatty -IGN: CaptainPhatty
  • Adeline - IGN: Adeline
  • Zev - IGN: Zev
  • WopperJoe - IGN: Wopper
  • Auth - IGN: Auth
  • Twinkle - IGN: Twinkle
  • Myrakat - IGN: Myrakat
  • Meowyndalin - IGN: Meowyndalin
  • Caelim - IGN: Caelim
  • Echoplex - IGN: Echoplex
  • Schizo - IGN: Schizo
  • Heretic - IGN: Hopadillo
  • mcpo - IGN: mcpo

This will be the thread that will get you an invite to our Guild once the game goes live so make sure you reply!

Tiny bit about me:

My nickname in most games is @Majordomo and sometimes i go by Rowdyrebel! I am 26. i grew up in Europe during the time of net cafes and the colorful 90’s and as such i am an avid fan of trading card games, Pokemon, anime, strategy games, MOBAS and MMORPG’s among other stereotypical gaming and entertainment cliches! I am sure we will have a grand time in wildstar riding into glory! I will be playing (most likely) an aurin stalker and my aim is to clear all the raid content with strats co!

Introduce Yourself (the old huge thread)
Wildstar Launch Day Preparation Suggestions
Introduce Yourself (the old huge thread)
Introduce Yourself (the old huge thread)


Hey, you all have seen me around mumble, I was active in ESO and am actively informed in any game I play.

Online I go by GuardianX, a fairly uncommon internet handle. ( sarcasm )

In games I have a rotation of names I use, in WildStar I am not fully committed to a name.

I enjoy playing tank based roles and am looking at the Stalker / Engineer as a main in WildStar with a Spellslinger as an alt.


Heyo! Auth is my handle (currently reserved on Wildstar) and I am really excited to be back in an MMO with a seemingly awesome community. I’m 29 years old and currently between a 12-year stint in the US Army and starting college in the fall.

For Wildstar, I’m rolling Mordesh Medic with a healing/hybrid loadout. I’ve played several MMOs over the years including Guild Wars, Rappelz, Aion, and Guild Wars 2. I play mostly cooperative/competitive games; single player generally doesn’t do it for me. Pokemon is the one exception, because Pokemon. Other titles of recent interest include Natural Selection 2, Civilization 5, Sins of a Solar Empire, Diablo 3, and Minecraft.


Howdy. My handle is Diacuss but I use various different character names in game (none of which is typically my handle). I’m an experienced MMO player for more years than a care to count. I’ve played in Guild Wars, Rappelz, Aion, Guild Wars 2, SW:TOR, and FFXIV and all of which I was a regular in raid/end game. I’m experienced in structured and world PvP and have lead groups in both. Looking forward to getting back into a gaming community and having fun.


Hey all, posted over in general, but figured I’d post here as well. My Wildstar name will be Shortround. Looking to start a DPS Stalker and maybe dabble a bit with tanking from time to time. I love PVP and PVE, been playing a ton of battlegrounds in Beta. Warplots look amazing too. Cheers!


Welcome guys make sure you add your names to the roster and hop on mumble for introductions!


Thanks, will do. I need to grab a new mic, but I’ll definitely hop on when i get around to it!


Hiya, Was pointed here by Karniax on reddit. I usually go by Thisilius, but I was able to snag BusterSword from the name reservation. I tank well, I tank very well. I have played a tank since WOW:BC, and that’s what I enjoy. I have played WOW, EQ1 & 2, AION, Horizons, CoH, DCU, SW:TOR. I’m sure I’ve forgotten some. I hope to be one of the Main Tanks for endgame content. I’m 32, have a wife and a 1 yr old daughter. I can play on scheduled time, but out of schedule is up in the air. I hope to see a workable raid schedule. I don’t PvP, well 99% of the time don’t. Hope to enjoy playing with you guys!


Welcome KnightsOfTheRou! Glad to have a tanky tank tank as part of our wildstar branch! Make sure you post in the sign up for launch thread and hop on mumble!


Hey all,

I’m new to this forum, but heard though the grapevine (reddit) that you might have a morning raid team? I work 3rd shift and am a seasoned MMOer, but my work schedule really conflicts with normal raid times.

Anyone have any insight into the daytime crew, or is there a thead already posted? Thanks, and nice to meet everyone.


I have been thinking of setting up a morning crew (i ll be working some nights as well) so stick around and if you want join us until we figure it out or you find an early access day raid crew.


ok, i preorderd (after lots of self-debating). no ingame game names yet, since the name reservation period expired. but i will be playing an engineer. i’ve tried engineer in every game they’re offered in, but this one definitely feels more my style. i will probably be focusing on dps, but there’s a couple engineer tank builds out there that have caught my eye. i love that engineers wear heavy armor in this game, another reason why i’m all over that class.

not a very hardcore player, so you will probably all be onto the endgame before i am, but i’ll get there eventually.

as for intro to incoming wildstar recruits, just call me James. it’s easier for everyone involved.


paradox intensifies


Absintheminded - IGN: hoping for ‘Absintheminded’

Well, howdy. I don’t really know what I’m going to play yet. I’ve played WoW, Eve, Aion, GW/GW2, FFXIV, and tried out a dozen more. I’m excited to see what Wildstar blah blah blah and I’m blah blah drinking rum at the moment. Gambatte mashou!




If I wore a tie today itd be around my forehead about now


Me and my good friend Crystal Head vodka are about to start hanging out.


Oooh, that always reminds me off Temple of Doom…

Kali Ma!


Hello :slight_smile:

IGN : Sarayn

So I think I’ve decided on playing an Aurin Esper. I’ve played a lot of random MMOs before and I’m currently in the Strat ESO guild. I’m 23 and looking forward to play Wildstar during head start…though I wont start till a few hours after midnight XD