Well, im back... (re-introduction)


hi everyone!

My names Arochio, i was here about 2 years ago, and have not been on a lot since then, i kind of regret that because i remember all the fun i had here. I came back recently because i started to play Albion online again, and it reminded me of the good old days. thanks for having me back. if you have any questions for me lmk. thanks.


Welcome back, we’re still here :slight_smile:


Welcome (back) to the party :wink:


thanks @Auth @Vocino


welcome back.


Oh Albion… What a great game.

Welcome back sir!


Welcome back to Strats!!! :strats_green:


Welcome back!


Welcome back. How is Albion now?


albion is pretty interesting still, they keep updating it to make it better, and theres a wipe on the 16th if you want to start again


Oh man. That’s tempting.


Welcome back to the fold! Here’s a :beer: for your troubles!


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