Well this is awesome

All I want for xmas is my hunter to 27 and guess what? PSN down all day. Well that is one way to get me to put some time into Dragon Age.

I had read about this a little, but wow that was informative. I wish they would just leave it alone.

I’ve wanted to play all day, but alas some pre-pubescent has soiled our fun.

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well if anyone gets on post it up so we can all play. Until then I am trying to figure out this DA:I game

I got it too. I want to play.


Gee I wonder why PSN is down.

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I am starting to fear the great psn lockdown of 2011 is upon us again

Service is still down on both consoles? I thought I read last night that the kids had stopped.

still down. In fact I read last night the attack got worse for xbox when it had settled down a bit throughout the day

Who does this. Don’t they have anything better to do?


Lizard Squad supposedly stopped over the night after Kim Dotcom gave them 3,000 accounts to Mega, rewarding bad behavior but claiming he saved Christmas for everyone. Whatever.

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Missed out on a day’s worth of Eris rep and Xur has the Gjallahorn upgrade today… Sony better get their shit tonether.

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Xbox Live seems to be working. Looks like Microsoft has the better employees!

how do u know what xur has?

uh, wat

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Xbox is up with limited functionality and Xur’s inventory was posted on reddit. I Wonder how Bungie will handle this in regards to Xur and missed days for Eris bounties, I’m afraid if they don’t do something to make up for it they will severly hurt the community.

I didn’t realize xbox has the same stuff as ps4

So many Xmas noobs are online today playing. Its been awesome to wreck their fun in the Crucible.

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Still can’t get on PSN, not sure if anyone else has managed to. Like others I have a feeling PSN will be down for a while. Xur is selling crap again so not a huge loss there, but I’d like to grab that Hawkmoon upgrade.

Sony really needs to improve their infrastructure anyway. Assuming that’s what they are taking the time to do, some warning would at least be nice (as in: don’t expect PSN back anytime soon). Just tell us. This stuff is getting old.