We're updated and back online!

Everything seems to be behaving itself and the server is open for all! I wrestled with the idea of a care package of some sort since we restarted and everyone lost everything; I decided on a compromise. If you /visit the Care Region (/visit care) you will find several chests containing the following: a full set of iron tools and armor along with 8 cooked steaks.

It might not be a ton, but it’s a massive step forward. You are not required by any means to take the care package; you’re welcome to do a proper restart if you so choose. Either way, each player is limited to 1 row of items. This is on the honor system and I’m asking you to please do the right thing and take only what is yours. You are not allowed to give your care package away to another player to afford them additional goods. Also, please take the entire row so it’s easier to keep track of how many people have taken packages. In a week or so I will destroy the remaining items as this is not intended to be a boost for new players but rather a small compensation to those who put in effort on the previous iteration of the server :wink:


Can I has some when I get back :cry:

Nice, I’ll start building again as soon as I get off work.

Feature request: A list of named posts to /visit.

I’ll probably have destroyed the chests by then, but I’ll give you a set when you stop trying to diddle the mermaids :wink:

I’m not sure if the mod allows it in game, but I can get a master list thread up here on the forums :wink:

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