We've decided to seal the #basement


Hey there, Strategists

Just over 3 years ago our Discord went live as a means to enable easier real time chatting and to replace our Mumble server with a free alternative. Not long after, requests for a location to sequester things of the PG13 variety that might get someone in trouble at work came around, along with other topics of conversation some wanted to engage in and others wished to avoid (namely politics); thus #basement was founded. At times it’s provided some very honest, interesting discussions, but it also brought about a fair amount of drama and negative consequences that have historically outweighed its benefits. On several occasions the boundaries of what is permissible have been tested, emotions have run high, and a member of the leadership has had to intercede. It’s been a talking point at multiple leadership meetings, and after much deliberation we’ve decided that it doesn’t positively influence the experience of our fellow Strategists when measured against its drawbacks.

Moving forward, topics that were previously permitted in #basement (chief among them, politics) are no longer permitted in public Strats channels (forums or Discord, including VOIP). There are other, more appropriate outlets for those discussions available across the Internet if you wish to engage in them. We’re a gaming community first and foremost, and we want to continue focusing our efforts on making Strats a great place to group up and have some fun; getting into heated discussions about the real world doesn’t really help us achieve that goal. As a general rule, if you wouldn’t feel comfortable posting it to #off-topic, you probably shouldn’t. Further reading on the matter is available in our FAQ.

If anyone has any questions/concerns/snark, I’m on the forums and Discord daily; feel free to reply to this thread or PM me directly on either service.

Community Manager


RIP in peace #basement. I didn’t even know you existed until I read this announcement. You will be missed. Not by me. But you will be missed.


On the one hand, I’m glad people won’t be at each other’s throats, which they certainly were.

On the other hand, I’m sad that people won’t be at each other’s throats not because they have learned to dial it back a bit and have a conversation, but because they’re not allowed to talk about anything sensitive in the first place.

More on point, I’m sad that if a conversation gets into sensitive subject we won’t be able to keep it somewhere else, so the choice will be to either venture into bannable territory, or shut up and not talk about something we would like to talk and which is pertaining to the conversation but that we can’t talk about because it treads on sensitive subject and as such it wouldn’t be advisable to bring up in offtopic (and you know there’s shit that’s going to ruffle feathers and that given that binary option is bound to crop up in offtopic from time to time).

I don’t think it’s a net gain, and it’s a shame, but I guess that’s why can’t have nice things, as people say.


Haha similarly, I’ve had it muted for a while. Just wasn’t for me, personally. Occasionally I would pop my head in.

This is a really good point @Ottomic. That was the idea in the beginning (if I remember correctly).

Over time though I think what it turned out to look like in practice was that 99.99% of the Basement chat would be perfectly fine in #off-topic. It’s there and it’s cool to talk about non-gaming stuff with our friends. The tiny percentage of stuff that went too far didn’t seem like it needed a special place.


Remains to be seen, I guess. I could mention a handful of cases where moving the convo down to the basement has been the smart option not only because people can talk more at liberty there, but also because it was a safer place just by virtue of having a limited audience who knows what they’re in for. I’ll agree with Auth that things have gotten nonsensically violent out of the goddamn blue for no good reason at all in very specific episodes as of late, but that the channel performed its function well outside of such moments.

I respect the decision and I hope that most if not all conversations that were moved there will still have their place in offtopic without further repercussions, I’m just worried that it’s gonna end up a compromise between shutting up or furrowing some brows, is all.


Overall I agree with you @Ottomic. Though, sometimes when a conversation in #off-topic reaches a place where people feel like they need to move it to the #basement, it might be more beneficial to everyone to instead take that pause and decide whether we’re about to say something that really isn’t necessary. Or if it’s better to reframe it in a way that a broader audience will be cool with.

In many cases that’s just better overall and actually serves to help your position and the message you’re trying to get across to someone.


If people paused to rephrase their opinions in a way that gave place to broader and friendlier debate we wouldn’t be commenting in this topic, I’m afraid. But, it could be that people had taken the freedom of speech in basement for granted and got things out of hand without regard for the community and that it won’t happen if there isn’t such a channel to incite those… “exchanges”. Either way, I’m sad to see it go, but I understand why it’s going away.


As a group, let’s see if we can facilitate similar conversations in #off-topic. If we feel like something significant is missing that the #basement added, we can revisit.

Would always rather work on this stuff together as it evolves.