What a time to be alive!


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"Facetimed my PS4 so I could play in the bath"

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I saw that. This is the next level of existence. I’ll become a prune.


I’m considering investing in something like this


Holy shit. When I noticed that was in the bathroom I died. Lmao


Poop-socks need not apply :wink:



However the facetime in the bathroom to play the ps4 is pretty ingenious :wink:


The only reason I could think that someone would do that is because they’re having some sort of surgery involving the colon that basically means they’ll have zero bowel control for the next 24-48 hours or so.

I recall someone doing something similar because they knew they’d be living in their bathroom as a result of it.

That aside, that’s just crazy.


That feel when someone has a better bathroom set up than your main set up. :sadgumball:


I would just modifiy that rack by putting some casters on it, then I’m mobile!


Technology has gone too far soon the machines will take over, then the bathroom won’t even be safe.