What Anti-virus do you use?


I’ve been using norton for many years and want to move to something less intense on the resources, any suggestions? I seem to remember someone suggesting avast, is that still good? Also, I keep reading I should use anti-virus AND anti-maleware, I guess I just assumed that was lumped in with norton 360, maybe it is… is there anything else I’m missing?


I still run avast! and have had no complaints.


Windows Defender

What more do you need?


Exactly. Everything else is bloatware. Uninstall it.


do you use the pro or the free?


I use ESET (perk from work). It’s proven good in our client base especially when it comes to ransomware. Very lightweight client that just does its thing.


After a few errant clicks back in my Minecraft modding days (downloading things from the various cancer-ridden sites people would host their mods on so they could make a few cents and guessing wrong on the 12 different download buttons only to spend a full afternoon and evening undoing the damage), I’ve had the paid version.

Do I absolutely need it?
Probably not.

Am I okay with giving up minimal resources on a strong gaming rig and a few bones every year for some bonus peace of mind?






MalwareBytes Premium (lifetime license), and Windows Defender.


Serious question. Why do so many of you use something other than Windows Defender? There’s no reason to run your files through the same database twice. Why put up with having more stuff running on your machine?


Well, I’ve been using something else because #1: defender gets turned off when you have something else on, And #2: when people are coming up with new virus’ and such, windows defender is the very first protection they engineer it to target and subvert. Also, like I said on discord, I download a lot of software made by Joe schmoe for various reasons and I don’t have confidence in protection provided by a company that is expected by the majority of consumers to produce a shitty version of their OS exactly every other iteration.




Also, even as recent as perhaps 5 years ago I might have agree with this sentiment (fucking Vista), but given the current state of available resources on many rigs (nevermind a powerful gaming rig) and how many of them I need for any given task, the performance difference in question should be nominal (even to your AI senses). I bet disabling all antivirus on my rig (including Windows Defender) nets me 1 additional FPS in games and a fraction-of-a-second-faster boot time (tops); these are compromises I’m willing to make.

Also also:


I’m with @Vocino on this unless you’re playing with some cutting edge downloading. For that, for free I’d go with Avast and paid I’d go with BitDefender. I’d advise against Kaspersky, we run it at the university I work at and it just seems so bloated and interferes with half the installs we do.


Kaspersky used to be good, as was Nod32… I think their databases are still good, but you’re right. From what I’ve seen the past couple years, they appear to be pretty heavy programs now. I’ll say I haven’t used either personally in years, but I have come across them in the wild.