What antivirus do you run?


Hello all. My subscription to Norton just ran out and I have heard I “don’t need that shit” from a lot of people. I’m running windows 7 and feel scared now, but I have no protection. What do you guys run to keep your rig safe?


None. Read this thread starting here:



But I’m on Windows 7. Is it the same principle?


I found my answer. I guess you said to read the thread because it actually has all the answers already. Kids these days they want everything handed to them.


Why would you do such a thing?


Because I hate change. Windows 7 is comfortable and I still believe that 8 is terrible even though I know that 8.1 was supposed to fix things.


I’m in the same boat. I was disgusted when I saw it the first time. My computer is not a touch screen and should not have it’s OS. I think it’s been fixed, but I’m old and stuck in my ways now.


Hating change is a valid excuse for not updating. In my opinion, the OS on its features and merits is not. 8.1 is a superior OS is just about every measurable way.

Windows 10 is probably further improvement, as far as what I’ve tested so far.


I’m on board to upgrade to Windows 10. I want to give them some time before switching though.


I have this icon on my task bar telling me to Get Windows 10. I’m just waiting for that right moment.


This may be true, but much like with Vista it was not the case for long enough into the OS’ cycle that I was content to just wait it out for 10 :wink:


I can dig that.


I disinfect my own PC


I run F-Secure SAFE, on both my win 7 machine and macbook pro, (Phone too!) It’s light weight, and has a few features like locking out other websites when banking. ( it kills the connection completely.) between that and malwarebytes I’m feeling pretty good. I would like to trust microsoft, but MSE burned me a few times, and I don’t like fixing stuff that should have been protected.