What are 3 Windows apps every gamer should have?


Having recently reentered the PC world by buying a laptop, I’m interested in the absolute must-have apps for Windows. There are many threads and lists like this of Mac OS apps, especially for developers, but most of what I found for Windows including nonsense like anti-virus bloat, “RAM cleaner” junk, and sponsored editorial for downloads.

I ask you, PC gamers, are there must-have apps that you install on every new Windows PC you build? I’m talking about apps besides those directly related to gaming (like Steam).


foxit reader, notepad++ and obviously discord.

i only started using foxit reader fairly recently (maybe within the last year or so) because it made viewing DnD5e and Pathfinder docs so easy. it’s a much quicker pdf program than Adobe and pretty essential to my daily habits now. It’s one of the first things I install when I format.

notepad++ has always just been a nicer, more feature-rich version of notepad. makes editing all those .ini’s a little bit easier.

and obviously discord. I was going to leave this one off the list since it was so obvious, but I had a hard time coming up with a third app that was sort of related to gaming in some way that wasn’t some launcher or something.

hope this helps, but my guess is that you’re fully aware of these already.


7zip, foxit, notepad++, discord, qbittorrent, Pot Player.

I always use https://ninite.com/ for new OS installs


i still use winzip…never got on the 7zip bandwagaon, what am i missing?!?


and VLC media player.

Also, DisplayFusion if you’re into productivity (especially if you have a multi-monitor setup). I bought it through Steam, but you can get a full, free 30-day trial of it from their website before you buy. I don’t know how I managed before without it, honestly.

Honestly, a lot of folks (myself included) just like it better. It also handles more compression types than winzip without constantly trying to convince me to pay for it :wink:


sold. i will install immediately upon returning to my domicile.


There is a particular app that I find myself installing on every PC I own.
I consider it a MUST for playing a large portion of my gaming library.
Check it out here.

And THIS is less of a necessity, more just for my own amusement.




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Best. Ever.