What are some must-install/setup items for a fresh PC?


My motherboard died. I picked up a new Sabertooth z170 along with everything that goes with it.

I want to keep things as ridiculously slim and gaming-focused as possible. I’m currently running x2 500GB SSDs in RAID with write back for uber performance. No clutter, if possible. I’ve disabled or uninstalled just about everything I can think of but I’m curious what I’m missing.

Any ideas? Or are there must-have apps I should have?

  • Media Player Classic x64
  • 7zip (I always forget this one)

will add things as I think of them


Going to go with Firefox instead of Chrome I think. Specifically, the Waterfox build.

Waterfox is pretty awesome!/Need a new remote desktop app now though

this might lead to another thread, but i’ve been so loyal to chrome for so long, i forgot what i hated about firefox (i think it was just speed). I’m just curious about what your reasons for going back to firefox are. i’m about to build a new system too, and this whole post is exactly what i was planning in my head for after i get my hardware assembled.


For me it was the lack of a 64-bit browser, which meant having both versions of java installed, which interfered with Minecraft on my machine; I left Firefox for Minecraft :wink:


Actually I meant to ask are you running them in RAID 0?


anti-virus. The porn must flow safely.

Steam, Origin (lol), those things.


I’m running Windows 10, 3rd party anti-virus is just bloat.

Yes sir.


After talking with @Mohomohommad and @Vocino on Discord the other day I have finished upping to Windows 10. I installed Waterfox to test and it is fast. I’m excited to see how it handles web based launchers like Battlefield 4. It is pretty fast, but I’d say not that much better than Chrome - if at all.


Anecdotally? By what measure?


At a glimpse, loading pages and what not.


Here is some free software I always install and use on Windows:

  • VLC media player - plays all kinds of audio/video files including DVDs/CDs, much lighter weight than Windows media player

  • Notepad++ - best free text editor out there

  • IrfanView - Image editor, handles bulk operations, resizing, cropping etc.

  • Nitro Reader - way better free PDF reader than Adobe’s - lightweight

  • And AdBlock of course for the browser


@Mohomohommad, you had sugested another media player - but I can’t remember what it was. Also, how was it better than VLC. I’m currently using VLC


http://ninite.com/ This website will help get you going quick. It’s super helpful for snagging what you need after a fresh install.Just check the boxes of the installers you want, and then click get installers.


I’ve learned from this thread that you guys like installing everything. I try to install as little as possible.


I use Media Player Classic - Home Cinema x64

I started using it over VLC because it has hardware acceleration, which I find makes it run a lot smoother, especially when it comes to high bitrate video. Because of its hardware acceleration you can jump from place to place in the video much more quickly (I found this to be a bit sluggish with VLC).
Since then VLC has added an option for hardware acceleration, but from what I understand it is somewhat limited.

I also find the controls and menus of MPC to be much more comfortable/intuitive to use.


Also MPC-HC+MadVR vs VLC