What are some non-AAA multiplayer games on the horizon?


Looking for anything with a significant multiplayer component (think Fortnite).


im super interested in this too, been needing some Non-AAA games in my life that i can play with friends on the cheap


The first one that comes to mind is Dauntless, the cheap version of Monster Hunter. You can buy your way into the beta right now (or hopefully get a testing invite) or wait for the free-to-play release early next year.


i saw some streamers playing it not long ago and Dauntless does look pretty good.


A few years ago I showed y’all Strike Vector, well that title didn’t do too well. But, the devs didn’t give up.
Now they have launched Strike Vector EX; this time, not just on the PC, they have released it on PS4 and XBONE too. The controller support is much better than before and hey, some of the servers aren’t empty… sooo, cool.


The game I’m designing :’)


So… like Rage Quite is your baby?


so i was just looking through facebook and this came up so i watched the Q and A on it and it looks interesting, nothing like a battle royal but still a last man/ group standing game
https://scumgame.com/ and its gonna launch 1st Q of 2018