What are you doing for raids?

Currently the group I am running with for leveling and BS is planning to raid from:

9 pm - 1 am est.

No solid days yet but the assumption is weekend only MAYBE 1 day on the weekdays.

I know a ton of people are spread all over. Maybe if we have a ton of raids members can pick and choose where to attend.

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Once I get level 100 and geared I could probably raid on the weekends but I’m always unsure of my schedule. Probably why I never did any hard-core raiding ><

93 Warlock can raid Sunday’s skullcrusher horde

Bumping this:

Wolfpack Guild Raids

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
9:30 pm - 12:30 AM EST

The atmosphere is largely casual, jovial and a good amount of sexual based humor.

They use vent as their primary communication, trying to get them to use Mumble.


We are looking for all roles, most roles have double dipping though to ensure that we don’t have off-nights.

Current (12/1/14~) Roster includes:

2 tanks – One of which is the guild leader
3 Healers
4-6 DPS

Since there is flex raiding available, we are looking to sit in the 10-20 player range.

I want to echo LARGELY CASUAL, they are not bad players but don’t expect Ensidia or Method. They were doing heroics last expansion and were doing well and are looking to push that progression to this expansion.