What are you going to be for Halloween? (2015)


My wife and I are going as Chewbacca and (female) Han Solo, Caleb (our 3 month old) is going to be an Ewok.


I will be dressing up as a grumpy old man hiding in his house with the lights off.


What do they call a Halloween grinch?


If you lived in my neighborhood you would do the same thing.


Copy cat.


My costume will be “Dedicated Gamer and Community Manager.” I’m going all out this year; I plan to have a computer, PS4, laptop, streaming setup, and tons of desk clutter. The costume will be completely-interactive, so I’ll be able to play games and engage with other Strategists the whole while! It might not be the most portable or practical costume I’ve ever done, but I think it’s one of my best ideas yet :wink:


I plan on being Mankind this year. Full out socko and everything.


With or without thumbtacks?


… work…


You should go as a boot; just roll in ate-the-fuck up to morning formation :wink:


pfft showing your age, what is this morning formation :stuck_out_tongue:


Morning formation, first formation, accountability formation, Reveille formation, PT formation, it’s all the same shit: too damn early and the first of many times that day you’ll have to see people you’d rather not :wink:


yeah… i just go into work and start hating life lol.


Would it be a real Mankind consume without them :wink:
I may even get slammed though a table.


I’m gonna be the dad at the street watching his munchkin collect candied goods.


A High Schooler


My fiance and I are having a tough time thinking of a costume this year. Any couple costume ideas that aren’t crazy hard?


Oh my god… I searched up “Couple Costumes” and it was gross…

Maybe Superman and Superwoman?
Batman and Batwoman?
Any comic book heroes or internet stuff you like?


I’m dressing up as Shrek, because It’s creepier than any other costume out there, It just is.


@senNish, I found your costume for this year:

Also, I have no idea why it refuses to do the nice, normal Amazon box thingy.