What are you going to be for Halloween?


My wife and I are going as Wildstyle and Emmet from the LEGO Movie.


Wow, those costumes look so authentic, they must have cost a fortune! :smirk:


Haha, I’ll post pictures after this weekend.


I’m going to be working. Then ilk go home and quietly cry to myself😪


I’m going as a recently retired military guy who is struggling to separate the real world from the visions of the battlefield and the screams of his fallen brothers that keep echoing in his head. He is so sickend by the depravity that has saturated the streets he spent so long defending, in far off countries, allied with foreign soldiers that blured the lines between friend or foe, he has taken to the life of a vigilante…

Or I might just go as a pirate, not sure yet. :smirk:


Welp, one of those is believable and the other is a retired military guy; I think the obvious choice will present itself :wink:


The standard is set:


Hah she just sent me that.


my wife and my 22-month old son are going to be bees. i’m the beekeeper. pics to follow.


As promised! my terrible homemade costume! and despite Charlie’s grumpy face, he did have a good time trick-or-treating.