What are your favorite board games?

A couple of folks from Strats have mentioned in their intros how they love to play board games. As a fellow board game aficionado, I wanted to know: who plays board games in Strats, what are your favorite board games, and (if it applies separately) what board games are you currently playing?

I just purchased 7 Wonders on Amazon today, as well as a couple other things in this category. I also enjoy playing Dominion, Risk, Android: Netrunner, and Ticket to Ride. I own a few others: Pandemic, Memoir 44, Alhambra, Dixit, and a few others.

I wish I was able to get a group in my area going, but I usually just play with my family, and they are more Monopoly-oriented when it comes to board games… :frowning:

I don’t play a whole lot of board games, but I’m not opposed to them. I have played Risk with some buddies recently which is always fun (Until someone goes Godzilla on the board)

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Now who replied like a minute after I posted! :wink:

I like Risk from a newbie standpoint. If you get into board games, you’ll find that there are bunch of war games that are better because they rely more on skill than luck of the dice.

Going Godzilla is the best though

I could go on for a while :wink:

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Yes please.

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We’ve been playing the heck out of King of Tokyo.

Arkham Horror is and will always be my favorite board game. It’s a blast to play and every game is different. If that’s not enough there are plenty of expansions big and small to add more to it. Nothing tests a friendship more than leading the charge into a gate to the Other World with all your friends only to pop out and close it leaving everyone lost in time in space.
Elder Sign is like Arkham light with cards instead of a board. It’s another great game set in the same universe. It’s way quicker to set up, play, and put away than Arkham but it’s just not the same. (New Expansion hype soon)
Space Hulk is another one of my favorite card games set in the Warhammer Universe. It looks like it’s no longer supported but it’s my favorite solo game.

X-COM, X-Wing and Android: Netrunner look really fun but all my board game friends are up and gone so I don’t really get to do any of it anymore :’( I wish there was some way to rig card games online

Candy Land


I’m not a big Board Game guy, but back in the day, the go to game for our group was “ZOMBIES!!!”, if that counts.

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Not really a board game, but Cards Against Gallifrey and Cards Against Humanity expansion.