What are your intentions with TESO?



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I’m actually getting myself excited to play this game. I blew 60 bucks to get @Nubhugs into this game. I’m having to start over because my characters were on Daggerfall but I’ll be ok.

I really want to enjoy an MMO. Strats needs a game that we can play together. Last I checked we have 14 people in the new guild and still working to get a few more added.

Now I just have to settle on a class.


I have a VR3 Dragonknight and a VR14 Sorcerer in the Aldmeri Dominion faction. I am really hoping the devs put the ability to switch alliances in the Crown Store so I can bring in my VR2 Templar and Nightblade as well. I joined to have a group for things like:

  1. Group dungeons and leveling Undaunted
  2. Cyrodiiil in voice comms
  3. Maybe get around to doing Trials
  4. Do some good and help people out with my nearly maxed out crafter
  5. Try to bring friends in so they can get the group benefits
  6. Having others to talk to even when just grinding Champion Points
  7. Having a group to blame when my wife complains I play too much ESO


I don’t know what I’m doing but I’m having a lot of fun. I’m really excited to play with a group of people from Strats again, especially some people I have yet to play games with, or very rarely get to (like tommy or ninjaneer).

Hopefully interest lasts longer than two weeks and we actually get to do some hard content that requires intense team work


Kinda in the same boat with you haha, currently buying it for a friend and hopefully we can level quickly to 50+.
I always liked the idea of MMOs, but I just really couldn’t play solo; I’m glad to be able to join a guild with a bunch of awesome people.

I’ll probably play nightblade or templar first, Stam build. It should be fun.


I’m excited about it. Strats started a year ago as an ESO guild and we had a :dickbutt: of fun playing large scale PVP. This was way before any of the great dungeon stuff that’s out now.

Here are my goals:

  • Establish the new “Strats” guild as a leading presence in ESO.
  • Recruit, recruit, recruit.
  • Work on creating a crafting network within the guild so everyone always has the gear they need.
  • Conduct regular guild meetings and stay organized and involved.
  • Lead large scale PVP with the guild on raid nights and establish Strats as the ones to follow on the battlefield.


I broke out my old PC just to play this with Strats. I may come out of PC game retirement and build myself a new computer soon…

(…maybe just in time to max out The Witcher 3)


I’m sticking with it and happy that the Strats guild might be making a come back in ESO. We had a pretty good thing going at one time.


I’ve been playing ESO off on since open beta; I look forward to joining back up with fellow Strats members who are returning to the game. I’m open to sharing build info for trials & PvP. I currently have a vr14 dk, vr14 sorc and vr1 NB. I’m open to any group content; however, I prefer PvP game content at the moment.


I got to see the world of difference last night between having guild mates and going solo. Several of us were just chatting in Mumble while doing our own thing. Then one of us asked if anyone could help take out a world boss. Several of us jumped to the nearest wayshrine and took them down. Then we decided to do a nearby dolmen. I almost felt bad for the daedra, considering the pounding they took. When I was running solo, I would either take on world bosses and dolmens alone, running around a lot, or wait until others randomly came by. It only took a few minutes to complete something that could drag on for an hour or more solo.