What attracted you to Destiny?



Hello Guardians! I figured I would take the time get to know the people that i’ll be enjoying this game with so what better way than by discussing the game itself?

When I first head about Destiny I wasn’t too interested. I had enjoyed playing Halo 2 with my buddies back in the day but other than that Bungie titles have never really interested me. But when beta rolled around and I got to see some footage my interest piqued it looked to be very promising, also a reason to finally buy a PS4. But I don’t like to buy games without at least reading a review or getting a hands on test so i’d decided to wait until release to make up my mind, that is until open beta. I had a free weekend so I jumped right on top of it and I loved what I played. It had the familiar tight Halo controls that I liked mixed with Borderlandsesque loot (One of my favorite games), and the art direction was quite stunning as well. I knew I had to have this game. After beta ended I went to Amazon and pre ordered the PS4 bundle. (That white is sexy!)

The PvP was good but not what I would buy it for, that would be for the end game content and the strikes. I played WoW for a long time and the sense of cooperation and accomplishment I got from completing an instance or a raid with my guild mates and being rewarded with loot was exhilarating, nothing can quite replicate it but i’m hoping I can somewhat get the same satisfaction from Destiny.

Anyway that’s my tale i’d love to hear yours!


It all started for me when I played halo 2 with my cousin. At that point I gave up my ps2 and bought a 360. I played halo 2 until three came out. I played that game for two yearseveryday. I was in a clan and got my general rank. The hardcore PvP really attracted me. I love how smooth it feels and how someone can stay an attack ok me and I can still have a chance.

Some of my biggest achievements was going 35-0 in halo 4. I also had 7 perfections, one of which was a prefect team double game where we did not die. I can provide a link to the video of there’s interest.


I’ve been keeping my eyes on Destiny since last summer and I think it’s the combination of pve, pvp, raids that got me hooked. With the right people I think this game can keep me interested for a looooong time (and it feels like I found the people from the get-go;))


Yeah that sounds like a hell of an accomplishment. I’d love to see that!


Sorry about how awkward I am. I’m not Shodredux, I was TGz Tragedy in the video. Here it is


Badass! Thanks for sharing.


I love team work and call outs. It is the difference between winning and losing.


Sounds to me like we may have the start to a great crucible crucible team yeah? What’s your favorite game mode? Skirmish seems to be mine.


I always loved objective type games. I’m not to familiar with what Destiny will have yet.


Sounds like Salvage or Control is right up your alley.


Sounds good. I had some really good games in the Beta. Had a couple were I was like 7.something K/D. I had a sick sniper and would hold the objective the whole game.


I’ve never been that great at PvP but I enjoy it. Most of my games were me acting as a shield for everyone else, but there was one game where I took MVP. Managed to actually land my supers and snipe people on those damn interceptors.


The interceptor was amazing. It got nerfed though. The sniper I had felt just like halo’s snipers.


It deserved the nerf. I usually dislike vehicles in PvP but the interceptor was an entirely different story of frustrating. And some of the exotic snipers I’ve seen look to be amazing, the one i’m most interested in cloaks you when aiming down the sights! Definitely a must have for my sniper build.


Lemme see…first off i am not a very good shooter game player…i tend to die alot…lol. with alot of coaxing and threats from @auth and @vocino i pulled the trigger on a new ps4 and tried the Destiny Beta and loved it. I am looking forward to the story and main quest type stuff…i am going to try PvP but i promise i will die…and die often…but what matters the most is the fun i will be having with you all. I hope to improve my skills with more game play so any tips or pointers would be greatly appreciated!


We’ll definitely play together, teach other tips and tricks that we find and end up building teamwork also!


Dude i’m sure I can give you some pointers.


What I liked about Destiny was that it seems to go beyond the normal “Missions” style gameplay of a shooter and give the player a lot more freedom. I liked the idea of a shooter where I could just roam around and get into fights while exploring.

Also, the competitive multiplayer gametypes are a plus


I really want to have Destiny be the first time I gather with regular gaming friends online to take on challenges. All of the daily encounters, weekly/weekend nightfalls, strike looting. Im sure it will be super awesome for all of us to figure out what gear and emblems will be our clan gear/marks for PvP as well. I think all the little extra stuff like having us match gear and have a strategies for PvE, Riads, and PvP was the one thing I wanted out of Destiny and hopefully thats here!


The game has so much potential to be a killer PvP game. The thing that makes it even better is that I can use the sick gear I find in co-op.