What did Florida Man do on your birthday?


Simple game with often-hilarious results.


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Here’s mine:

Also, I guess it’s sweeping the internet…

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Oh yeah, I heard about it on the radio this morning and this afternoon it had hit the frontpage of reddit. Some of the responses there were great, but I was curious about our Strategists’ b-day occurrences :wink:



When I google “Florida Man” followed by my birthday I get a bunch of articles telling me to google “Florida Man” followed by my birthday… le sigh…



Alright. Switched to news.



Not to be a Debbie Downer, but you guys and gals should all stop doing this, or at least stop posting it publicly.

There’s a thought in the security community that these viral posts (what florida-man are you, what’s your stripper name, etc.) are being initiated by bad actors that are getting tons of people to post tons of innocuous personal information online in places that can tie it back to their identity. This snags your birthday, and you’re a stripper-name-game away from giving up your pet’s name security question, your mother’s maiden name, the street you grew up on, or any of those. And if your facebook is public, then it is all available.

Sorry for pissing in anyone’s Cheerios. Please feel free to resume your non-paranoid normal-people lives.

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I think of all the things I’m not super concerned about it’s my birthday being known (year notwithstanding) given the number of places I have to enter that shit anyhow (I’m sure they’re all super-careful with it), but I can definitely see the validity of the concern for a lot of those other social media “games.”

That said, I’ve been part of multiple hacks by assorted nefarious peeps (nevermind how careful all the people who handled my PII were while I was in); I quiver to think how many iterations of my information are floating around out there.

Why is there pee all over my breakfast?

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