What do: Strats mascot?


So I was brainstorming ideas for a Strats jersey for eSports stuff and thought “wouldn’t it be cool if we had a mascot?”

So then I thought, “is there an animal that starts with str?” Not really. Nothing good.

Then I thought:

  1. Strats…?
  2. StratsCo…?
  3. Strats Co…?
  4. Co…?
  5. the Strats Cobra?
  6. makes an Ssssss sound
  7. could make an S with its body

Anyone have any ideas?


I see we’re using the laws of improv to create a mascot. (¬‿¬)

But in all honesty sounds like a cool idea, if you choose an animal it should be a snake.
But e-sports teams don’t need a mascot do they?


I actually don’t know. A lot of them don’t have one it seems but it’s fun!


Make it a rattlesnake and the Strats’ logo could be its rattler.



EDIT: Wait, that has a different meaning…


Strats mascot ----> :dickbutt:


A sloth? A sloth sleeping with a S on his body?


I think @SloanTheSloth has that covered.

  • Strategic Hunter
  • Respected
  • Feared

StratsCO Sharks

Edit: I see the “a” in StratsCo becoming a Shark fin.


What about the "str"iped hyena? I think they are super cool.


Again, that’s a bit of a stretch. I like it.


I think the Stratscot should be a snake! I like the idea of a Cobra.

Cause the Strats logo already looks coiled to strike …


A Strats mascot. How Zealous.




Or could be just some weird alien thing and it would be a Stratscot. Wow that’s pretty bad now that it’s typed out.


Quick sketch because I’m pushing for this Strats Striped Hyena. Obviously a formal logo wouldn’t be anything close to this,


Oh man, that looks cool- reminds me of Roccat.


Cheater… :smile:


Strats Sea Lions, Seals, Skunk, Sperm… Whale, Swan, Squirrel, Snail


Strats Bats?

Strats Rats?

Strats AT-ATs?