What do you think of technology in 10-20 years?


Since I will either be taking a nine- or thirteen-year journey through college and the Army, I was wondering what will change during those time periods.

Specifically computers and peripherals, what will be implemented? Will advancements of 3D-Printing change “everything?” Or will technology stay where it is?

Post anything related to this topic. Anything about your ideas, research, and upcoming personal inventions with computer and peripherals!


13 years ago most people had flip phones with snake on it… Advancement of science is exponential, a ridiculous curve that makes it impossible to know how much we’ll advance and in what areas. 3d printing is a great example of this, bet you didn’t know it’s been around in some form for over 30 years. It’s popularity and use has grown exponentially because parts are cheaper, accuracy is better, there are more DIY enthusiasts these days, and more people know about it. So to answer your questions: [quote=“AILabrador, post:1, topic:12371”]
Specifically computers and peripherals, what will be implemented? Will advancements of 3D-Printing change “everything?” Or will technology stay where it is?

Better versions of VR and especially AR that are better resolution with better tracking and are not as bulky will be a thing, possibly something as light as thick glasses. More people have access to inventing and making prototypes because 3d printing is so available. Once they get down to a low enough price with a wider range of cheaper materials, you’ll be able to make replacement parts or household items without going to the store, just download a file from an opensource database online and keep materials in stock. No, technology will not stay where it is even if everything goes to hell.


Ah. Compared to other countries, except for those that are less/non-developed nations, the United States may need to cooperate more with them to “enhance” its own technological advancements. However, due to Trump, this may not happen for four years depending on how he interacts with foreign countries. There may be a gap in the four-year period, I’m not too sure. I just hope the United States doesn’t end up having extremely outdated technology like North Korea.



Back in the 80’s when I was in college we would sit around the tv with an Atari 800 hooked up playing mule and taking turns on different shooters. After working on the road for 15 years I came back to pc gaming and we were playing everquest and going to lan parties where we all had our own rigs. Now we all stay home and play sandbox MMO’s and co-op games. So in 15 more years I only see better VR and better graphics but we will still get together, online or in person because we want to socialize and challenge each other as a human experience.


This is a major concern of mine. I actually play games online and stream because I have issues with being around other people for extended periods of time, but I still interact with other people. I do however know people who rarely leave their homes and just play games, completely avoiding the human interactions when possible.


A lot of people have different reasons for avoiding the in person contact. I feel getting on mumble, discord, teamspeak, or gamevox with the same group of people every week is just as social as going to play darts or pool at the bar every week. I used to do the later but now do the former because of this 35 ft. oxygen hose but feel just as fulfilled.


@Philspaz Just an exaggerated thought.

@Klutzy_dragon & @tomelectric I don’t mind having online games. As long as the person isn’t influenced by random people who are trying to make him/her a bad person.


That’s something no one person has any control over because everyone behaves differently, has different motivations, etc. A person should be able to differentiate positive and negative influences, or at the very least no succumb to peer pressure all the time. There will always be trolls and negative behavior online (especially thanks to the anonymity the Internet generally provides) but it’s up to each individual to make their own choices based on their respective environments or influences.