What do YOU wanna do as a group?



I am interested in organizing an event, possibly weekly, that lots of people will enjoy. I’m looking for input to know what everyone will be interested in…
For example:

  • PVP night
  • VR dungeon raids
  • lvl 50- dungeon raids
  • world boss/dolman group
  • cyrodil skyshard hunt
    ^^^ this one i’m very partial to. I’d love to go get some sky shards and its great to go in a larger group so we don’t get ganked

Any other suggestions? What do YOU want to do as an organized group?

Also, what days are you available? What time?

Thanks in advance for any input!


Great idea! Note that you may wish to edit your post in the form of a poll (all you would need to do is prefix the title with Poll:.

Either way though, thanks for doing this. Love to see people taking the initiative with events!


The only reason I didn’t use a poll is because I wanted people to add their own ideas/input. I suppose I could have made an option for other but meh…

Thanks for the info though! I hope lots of people will chime in…


I would love to see a weekly pvp night. Also, skyshard hunting would be fun. We would probably want a smaller group of 4 or a few more just to sneak around. Too many and we might attract attention.


Weekly PvP sounds awesome. That way you ll have maximum turnout.


I agree about the sky shard hunt. A smaller group would be better.

I’m down for PvP night too. What night would be best?


I’d be in favor of all of the above. I think a weekly or so PVP event would be good, if we want to do this we may need to guest somewhere as the activity level on Volendrung is really unpredictable. Another idea I had was leveling “squads” of people around the same level that can run dungeons, world bosses, etc. together. I’d really like to have as many people in the guild in mid to high VR levels by the time Craglorn releases so we can run some raids.


World boss/dolman/skyshard hunts in my pov are the things i want out of the group in general. That and just some people to talk to while I play alone :smile:


I think a PvP night would be awesome. The great thing about PVP is anyone can get involved where as PVE content is gated by level.

I would prefer some night during the week, Monday-Thursday or maybe during the day on a weekend. Whoever organizes it should make a post prior to each week’s raid. Here’s an example of the posts I used to make:


If I can make it, I would be happy to lead it. Unfortunately, @Alexander is on a cruise or world tour or something and is unavailable. I hope he comes back soon!


Do you Mumble?


A REALLY good idea, that one…


Yeah. You just havent been there when I was.


I’m actually interested in pvp, Cyrodiil skyshards and some VR3-ish leveling. I agree that a pvp event would be the best thing to do as a guild, as everyone can join. And cyrodiil skyshards is also a good one, a big group should be fine. Our group won’t be the size of a zerg and the map is pretty damn big.

Why don’t more of the ESO players get on mumble? Things would be so much easier to organise. There are plenty of channels to use so we don’t have to talk over other conversations.


I want to more VR experience so I’m totally down for more world boss runs. @doogles and I have been doing two-man runs lately.

Also, @Nekko_chan feel free to make guild events that suit your needs. The events I think do not need to be official by any means, but the forum is great tool to reach out to the players and reinforce its (the forums) use.


Greetings from Sweden! I’ll be coming home tomorrow, so I’m chomping at the bit to get back into the game. I’m thrilled to see us trying to get organized! I would be willing to lead a weekly pvp event that is exclusively strats and Co people, and maybe consists of ap farming. I’d like to get a small group and go behind enemy lines and gank people in the reinforcement lanes and not spend so much time on sieges and npcs. I’d certainly show up for a pve group as well, so I’ll be following this thread @nekko_chan, @Vocino


Awesome @Alexander, we miss you dude. We’ve been growing and working hard for the community. Everyone has been great. Talk soon.


Definitely looking forward to your return. I hope your trip was lovely!