What do you want from a Star Wars RPG?



I was running around Bespin today in Battlefront. It’s so epic and beautiful that all I could think about was how cool it would be to see a city full of people, side quest givers, story line, open to explore.

What do you want from the single-player RPG that Visceral is developing? Also, if you have any rumors or insights from what we currently know about the game’s development, post it up.


I would like it to pander to people like me that have never seen a star wars movie.


We talking single player or MMO??

MMO I would LOVE to see one done in a BDO realism art style.

I could just imagine something like this:

set in a world like this:


Single player RPG — Skyrim in the Star Wars Universe


My honest answer, a star wars re-skin of StarMade with an improved star system navigation system.


I did that with mods


Does anyone remember this? I know it wasn’t single player, but it was one hell of a game! I wouldn’t want to begin to count the hours I spent in that universe. An updated version would have me hooked!


Hell yes I remember it. @tommy2118 and I are always reminiscing about it.


I miss that game…


Star Wars Galaxies, in my opinion, was more of a social experience. It had professions that were more than just combat. Some players could get enjoyment from the game just playing as an entertainer, hanging out in a cantina.

It worked during the early years of MMOing, but would something like that hold up in mainstream MMOs today? Combat is the focus of nearly every current game. I’m anxious to see how pure crafting professions hold up in Crowfall and Camelot Unchained.

With that being said, I want a Star Wars RPG (single-player or MMO) experience that isn’t centered on Jedi.