What Does Xur Have 11/7/14

Xur 11/7/14

Greetings guardians, we have some greet loot this week. I suggest that everyone get a Truth rocket launcher, it’s a void exotic and very nice.

  • Titan: Crest of Alpha Lupi Chest Armor (13 SC)

  • Hunter: Mask of the Third Man Helmet (13 SC)

  • Warlock: Sunbreakers Gauntlets (13 SC)

  • Weapon: Truth Rocket Launcher (17 SC)

  • Exotic Helmet Engram (23 MoL)

  • Scout Rifle Telemetry (1 SC)

  • Shotgun Telemetry (1 SC)

  • Machine Gun Telemetry (1 SC)

  • Plasma Drive (23 SC)

  • Emerald Coil (23 SC)

  • Heavy Ammo Synthesis (1 SC)

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Was really hoping for the Titan helmet. That’s a big ol’ QQ.

Me too. I’m going to buy an engram

If you let me buy it for you, I can pretty much guarantee it’ll be a Titan helmet, lol.

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Is the “Truth” Rocket launcher worth the coins? i really need a good launcher for my hunter.

I hear it is amazing at PvP. It’s void, so great for VOG.

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In addition to @Dynamible 's great post , I have added a few links to destinydb.com for a more in depth look at Xur’s gear this week:

Titan: Crest of Alpha Lupi Chest Armor (13 SC)

Hunter: Mask of the Third Man Helmet (13 SC)


Warlock: Sunbreakers Gauntlets (13 SC)


Weapon: Truth Rocket Launcher (17 SC)

The hunter’s helmet this week looks pretty cool, I don’t know how useful it is, but that is some straight up Splinter Cell shit!

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Thanks man! I was rushing out the door this morning. Lol

Not a problem, just trying to help a brother out.

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Anyone else pick up the Truth? By the time I level it we’ll be on to next raid for sure tho

Yes I picked it up. Only had limited time to try it but it did great for me so far.