What Games are Hot and Coming up in Summer 2017?


Most of you know that I have had to take a little break from gaming while I have been finishing up school and learning to program. That process is coming to a close and as summer starts I will have a little more free time to play some games. The problem is that I have been out of it for a bit to long and I don’t have a pulse on what is coming out… I need your help! Bring me up to speed. What should I keep my eye on in the coming months?


The rebooted Prey just came out yesterday. No connection to the original which released in 2006. I would call it a cross between System Shock/Bioshock and Portal. Single-player only. I’m enjoying it so far.

The Surge launches on May 16. It is a Dark Souls-like game with a sci-fi setting rather than high fantasy. I’ll be trying that one on release day too.

I don’t think I’m aware of any other games coming out until September or later.


PUBG enough said. Much epic, so angry.


CoD meets Hunger Games?


There’s always ESO.


That is very accurate. It’s much more sneaky though and about looting.


Nothing like CoD. Cod is a fast paced twitch shooter and FPS only. pUBG is way more tactical and slower paced. Sometimes you can be running around for 15 minutes and not see anyone. The game isn’t for everyone but i certainly enjoy it.


ESO is on my list. I feel very behind the power curve on it though. Seems like there has been some DLC that I don’t have and I think I need to respec.

I guess I just need to hop back in a check it out. I can call it “research” for my final college project. :slight_smile:


I was drawing on more of the game mechanics when I said CoD. It looks pretty neat. I might check it out. Do we have a lot of people playing?


Did I see that it is 8v8? If you don’t have 8 do you just get some randoms?


That’s how I felt. Just start picking random skills and do a any quest. If you sign in to a respec’d character and you’re next to the bank, you’ll just sit there not knowing where to go indefinitely.


If you are referring to PUBG, it is 100 players per match. You have the option of every man for himself or playing in groups of 2 or 4. If you don’t have a partner for the group matches then one will be assigned to you.


Not sure where I got the 8v8 from, thanks!


You and me both pal! I’ll be much more active in gaming and on the forums come August! Early congrats!


Thanks brother! It has been a long time coming. I’m glad that I have been able to keep an eye on everything even though I have not played a whole lot. I have been able to live vicariously through the Strats community! :strats_blue: