What games are you looking foward to?


Just curious what people are looking foward to throughout 2016 and 2017?

I’ve had my eye on a few titles and even invested in a few.

  1. Albion Online Pretty sure most are familiar with this one as we’ll have a presense. https://albiononline.com/

  2. Camelot Unchained www.camelotunchained.com/

  3. Crowfall https://www.crowfall.com/en/

  4. Pantheon: Rise of the fallen https://pantheonmmo.com/

  5. Possibly Revelation Online as long as it doesnt become a cash shop downer: https://ro.my.com/en/about


Squadron 42 maybe. Crossing my fingers.




No Man’s Sky
DeusEX: Mankind Divided
Mass Effect: Andromeda
New Open World Star Wars Game being made by Visceral
Mafia III
Battlefield 1
Death Standing (New Kojima Game)
Final Fantasy XV


forgot all about mafia III, definetly looks interesting. I’m going to have to check that one out.

Battlefield 1 definetly something worth a try to. I hope its successful.

Going to have to look into Death Standing a bit more.I havnt found much on it yet to really what its about.


Does it matter? It’s Hideo Kojima!


@xploz1on’s List:

  • MAFIA 3


Sadly i have to say i’ve never played a Hideo Kojima game lol, but i’ve never been a console gamers. Didnt ever own one until i picked up a PS4 for the wife a few months back. Looks like i may have to take a dive and try some. any recommendations?

And xploz1on i totally forgot about god of war. Its a total different game from the others but man it looks damn cool. They’ve definetly got my money already!


Play every Metal Gear Solid game you can get your hands on!


Civilization 6 I wonder if the game will be good without dlc but one can hope…
Battlefield 1 Let’s hope it’s more like 1942 and Vietnam


If the multiplayer works from launch, I’ll consider the release a win; I already know they’re going to get tons of money from me in DLC, but they’ll have to wait for Steam sales :wink:


Silent Hi… :expressionless: ~~> stares bitterly at PT demo

EverQuest Ne… :expressionless: ~~> stares bitterly at Landmark

I think the question should be: “What do you think you’ll be bitterly staring at next?”

Prey for the Gods

Ghost Theory

I was really interested in the Pantheon site until I moused over the “Wizard” and it said something like “…those who emerge stable under the weight of this power wield a force barely imaginable in awe and effect.” No game that has ever said this about a caster class has delivered imo. No, I’m not even a fan of Magicka.


I can understand that, although I never play caster class. I’ve got 100 bucks invested in Brads vision for Pantheon. Been watching it since its initial concept. Been talking to Brads team as well, very pashionate bunch and really care about what people want. I have a better feeling in what hes doing and saying than most. He has made probably some of the most successful and loved MMOs to date.


your enthusiasm enthusiases me, it is now on my radar :smiley:



Brad McQuaid has made some of the most successful and loved MMOs to date.

Nearly 20 years ago.

I initially dropped cash on both Camelot Unchained and Crowfall (several hundred on each) but withdrew my pledge around this time last year, I believe. These guys are trying to bring back the “old ways” of MMOing but Wowcraft changed the field so much since they last developed a game. At least a game for the hardcore (wiz101lol).

MMO players expect simplicity and ease-of-access, similar to how Call of Duty has changed the shooter genre.

I’ve stuck with Albion Online (mainly because they didn’t offer refunds) because the game was farther along in development than the other two. I’m enjoying it.


last time i spend 100 bucks was for mother efing The Division… Never again!


No Man’s Sky
Star Citizen Full Release :laughing:
Pokemon Sun and Mooon
Guild Wars 2 – Living Story Season 3
Riders of Icarus Full Release
Camelot Unchained
Death Stranding
Ark Updates (I want to be in a pack of wolves with @PreshusKitty and @Zniri)



Personally, I am very excited about Albion Online’s full release (or when I have the money to drop on the Beta…) I really want to get lost in a good MMO again.

Edit: Also the new Metroid Prime should be coming out in August. So there is that as well.


Truest statement to be uttered in the world of gaming.