What is Loadout?

So, this week Loadout came to the PS4. I understand this is some kind of free Third Person team based shooting game with crazy customizable guns that came to PC earlier this year. Has anyone had any experience with this game? Is it something to be taken serious or just another bland pay to win cash grab? Please share!

I tried Loadout a while back for PC. It’s a fun little game.

What kind of game modes are there? Is it all just deathmatch style or are there actually objective based game modes

All I remember was deathmatch style but I think it was in beta when I played so that may have changed.

I played a little at PSX and on my own on PC. I guess they have a loyal fanbase on PC. I think it will be ok for PS4, but really, how many TF2 clones are we going to have? The gameplay is pretty solid, and it runs well on PS4, so it’s got that going for it. I dunno, maybe I’m just so jaded and bitter about video games nowadays…

Still relevant:

I’m going to give it a try this weekend when I fire up the PS4. I usually never touch free to play stuff (Except Planetside 2) but what is this going to really hurt by giving it a try? I guess the worst thing that could happen is I could have fun (Sorry for the bad word. I know it’s forbidden in video games now)


I almost LOL’ed my yogurt into areas where I can’t eat it again…


Haha well give us an update after the weekend, I’m kinda curious too.

Downloading it tonight I’ll tell yall how it goes after I get some time into it

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So just played for about an hour or so, did 2 campaign missions and 2 PvP, and I must say I am pleasantly impressed with the game. It is free at the moment and actually really well put together the controls are pretty standard, but a bit touchy and take a minute to get used to, and you can customize your gun anyways you like. There is an option to pay money and I was afraid it was going to be a pay2win game but so far I haven’t seen that at all. I definitely think it’s a game worth playing and if 4 or so of us play we can get in on the PvP action together.


Thanks Drizz for the review! Do you plan on getting more time in it?

Most definitely man, the campaign seems pretty long and it unlocks stuff for your gun so I wanna see more of it… and I find the PvP rewarding if not a touch hard

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So I got some time with Loadout last night with @DrizztDo_Urden69. I am very impressed with this free to game and right off the bat I am going to recommend it. I’ll go into more detail about the game.

The first thing I’m sure you can notice is that I play a beauty queen. This game does not take itself very seriously and you will learn that very fast from the dancing, to the over the top gore, to the silly clothes. But that is ok! Most of the time the silly and over the top will put a smile on your face, as it did with me and Drizz.

So the meat and potatoes of the game. It’s all about building crazy guns that can do insane things. There are 4 types of guns:

  1. Rifle - Rapid Fire bullets
  2. Beam - Constant laser beam
  3. Pulse - Rapid Fire spike balls
  4. Launcher - Rocket launcher

How you build your gun is your way, there is no right or wrong. From the stock, to the scope, to the type of barrel (Sniper, scatter shot, gatling), to the trigger (full auto, burst fire, single shot), and magazine (standard, extended, bolt action, high capacity).

You then select an ammo type.
-Pyro leaves a fire DOT.
-Tesla ammo bounces between targets with lightning,
-Slug is your basic ammo with more stability.
-Health ammo will heal party members when you shoot them.
This type of ammo is the most interesting because you could turn any gun, even a rocket launcher, into a healing support type, which you really need in this game.

The two currencies are gold and blute. Blute is your main currency to unlock things, you get about 2-3,000 each match you play (Which is very fair when a loot crate is around 1,000 blute). Gold takes longer to obtain and seems to be your “pay real money” currency. Gold can be found in very small 5-10 pouches randomly when killing enemies in campaign mode, and can be rewards for missions. You spend Blute buying Loot Crates which depending on the quality will supply you with gun parts. It’s all about the gun parts. You can also use blute to buy specific parts but it’s more expensive then trying your luck with random loot crates.

Parts come in quality, Normal, Green, Blue and I assume Purple. You can use a fusion mode to “feed” old or unwanted parts to a specified part, leveling it up it’s quality and increasing it’s stat.

As of now there is a pretty beefy Campaign where you as 3 other people (or a very well done Bots if people drop) against a team of computer aliens. So far it’s been defend the point or capture the point. The computer has good aim and sometimes hard to tell from real people. The Arena mode is PVP where you vote on what type of game mode you want to play in the lobby.

-Death Snatch: A deathmatch game mode where you pick up an item from dead bodies to earn points for the team.
-Jackhammer: Capture the flag but with a giant hammer.
-Domination: Capture 3 points and hold them for score.
-Extraction: 2 flag capture the flag with giant crystals.
-Blitz: Classic Battlefield tug of war with 5 control points.

I am beautiful.

All and all, it’s a very deeply customization game that can have some funny and intense moments. For this game being free it’s pretty crazy because there are some paid games that have less content. It seems like the developers really support the game, so expect more content throughout the year. Don’t get frightened by the pay options, it appears that anything can be unlocked by a patient player.


Awesome write up brother


I figure its easier to get people into the game if they know a little bit more about it. Hopefully everyone gives it a try