What is the guild buying?



#Looking to help the guild and make some cash?
You’ve come to the right place; I’ll be updating this list every day (ish) so you can easily see exactly what the guild is currently buying at the guild island auction hall. This is a great way for gatherers to earn some extra money and help contribute towards guild progression, so check back frequently to see what will earn you an easy payout and move the collective forward. The prices are ~50% market value at QM at the time they’re listed, so while you aren’t going to make as much as if you were fortunate enough to sell at the same price we used as a gauge, you get the added satisfaction that you’re helping the guild advance to bigger and better things :wink:

##Current purchase list (updated 6 August 2016 6:00pm EDT)


  • T2 Limestone - 355 @10s/ea
  • T3 Sandstone - 587 @25s/ea
  • T4 Travertine - 552 @50s/ea


  • T3 Thin Hide - 360 @15s/ea


  • T3 Chestnut Logs - 360 @20s/ea

You can also select the “Orders” tab and click “Show Buy Orders” to see the most up-to-date information in game; see you in Albion, Strategists :wink: