What is the official Strats typeface?



I was wondering what the Font was for the Strat logo.

I ask this because I was going to make a timed image slide-show on my stream, of groups who’ve supported me over the time I’ve been a streamer, and I’d like to have the same font so that it looks cleaner ^_^. “If” also possible. I’d like your input on my channel if you have any spare time. In terms of if looks clean or touched up, etc.


The typeface we use is Source Sans Pro by Paul D. Hunt. However, I would recommend downloading the logo with the “#TEAMSTRATS” logotype from the Twitch Team page: http://forum.strats.co/uploads/default/4974/23da8f3a011b386f.png

Also, I’ve changed your title to be descriptive as to what is inside your thread.

Graphic assets for banners and headers?

I’m unsure on the font. That would be a question for @Vocino I think.

After looking at your channel I feel you have an unhealthy dragon fetish. :dragon_face:


@teh_ninjaneer Dragon Fetish you say?! Pfffff no…looks both ways I’m just a dragon is all (>’^’)^

@Vocino Oh so I’d have to download the font type from the first link?


Scroll down to near the bottom on the first link. After you’ve stopped playing with the mouse wheel, you’ll find a link to the [GITHUB download]
(GITHUB.COM/ADOBE/SOURCE-SANS-PRO). There are also install instructions on the download page, towards the bottom.


@Wheatums Apparently it’s a certain file type that I’m unable to open/run. I’ll think of something somehow ;_;


Make sure you went to https://github.com/adobe-fonts/source-sans-pro . On the left side of the page you want to download as zip. Again at the bottom of the page there are installation instructions. I think you may have downloaded the .muse file.


ooooh okay. So I think I got it but I guess i wont be able to make it 100% (like I’m imagining it ><). Either way, thank you for the help ^^