What is up with the resale value on controllers?

I get the whole genuine thing. God knows i’ve been stuck with the cruddy aftermarket on almost every system i’ve owned and you can’t beat the real deal. But why on earth, is a used 360 controller that some dude has button smashed on for any given number of years. still 40 bucks at gamestop? a new one is 60 and theyve been around for a while now.? i could buy a whole nother system bundle for the price of the new controller? what went wrong with microsquish that they had to recoop cost into the controller?

Your answer is right in your question, dear sir: it’s from GameStop. They are hands down one of the most corrupt companies in gaming. It doesn’t have a whole lot to do with Microsoft themselves beyond new merch.

It is a bummer, but if you’re looking for used stuff, I recommend searching elsewhere. Sorry to hear about your sticker shock, though.

Looks like you can get a new one via Amazon for $37.50 it is Prime eligible, so if you are a Prime member shipping would be free. Make sure to us the Strats “Support Us” like in the header to get to Amazon. :slight_smile: I would link it, but I’m on mobile.

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does the website get a percentage of what i buy?

It gets a kickback of some sort from Amazon for advertising. It does not effect the cost on your end.

cool, i’ll try to use that from now on, i buy a bit from amazon, but not near as much since they jacked up the free shipping cap to 35. i never seem to find 35 dollars worth of stuff to buy.

wow!.. I just got a preowned wireless in LN condition for 17. plus 4 bucks shipping.

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Awesome! Just remember that it cannot be in your shopping cart prior it using the link. You can however add it to a wishlist and move it to your cart when you login via the Strats link. I have my wife put everything in a wishlist and then I make the orders (we use Amazon all the time).

Also, you might consider Amazon Prime membership. It gives you free shipping on prime eligible products with no price cap. Plus you get free access to prime video streaming (kinda like NetFlix)

i searched for it from the portal. it didn’t stay in the cart long enough for me to look for anything else.

Yeah, I don’t give GameStop any business. Their latest scam is to open the packaging of brand new limited edition items and sell it at a higher price as used. Since they know people will pay more for the item than MSRP whether it’s used or not, they keep doing it.

Flea markets are your best bet for used controllers. Many vendors will have the obligatory tub of wires and random electronics. You can usually find controllers in there. That’s where I get mine.

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I actually traded in two PS4 controllers to gamestop (one had a sticky RT button the other im pretty sure alignment was completely off or something) and got $30 for each. Both completely useless for FPS games. I guess GameStop isn’t all that bad…

I did the same with a useless controller, never buy a used one from gamestop. People sell trade them in when they no longer work well enough to use.