What Is/Was Your Best Gaming Peripheral Setup?


Hey guys, since I have been earning/saving money from my chores, what kind of gaming peripheral setup did you guys used to/currently have that you like? I’m also trying to find gaming mechanical keyboards (red switch) and headsets that range below $100. (Will also be looking forward to Black Friday Sales).

Gaming Peripherals:

Note: $100 or less for each individual peripheral.



Personally, I would just pick a brand you like and get everything from one place. In the case of gaming keyboards and mice (and in some cases headsets), it will mean less to install. Of course, you can choose not to install their annoying bloatware (like Razer Synapse) but then you’re not really utilizing your peripherals to their fullest.

FWIW, I’ve been seriously looking at a complete Corsair line.



As a mediocre gamer, I have preferred Logitech peripherals for many years. Logitech is about as mediocre as you can get.

Seriously though, they have some good entry-level devices and their gaming-specific hardware suits my needs. My current list of Logitech hardware includes:

  • a set of 5.1 speakers that I’ve been using for maybe 10 years
  • 3 Logitech mice (G600 MMO, G402 FPS, G302 MOBA/ARPG)
  • G105 keyboard (keys are not mechanical)
  • G430 headset (I think this is a great headset for the price; I paid around 40 bucks on Amazon)
  • c920 webcam
  • Extreme 3d-pro joystick

I might be a Logitech fanboy.

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i’ve been a serious logitech fanboy for years too. it all started with this badboy:

I was a very serious Quake player, and when i learned you could write a script to bind that middle mouse button to fire quick rocket, i was all in. I’ve since probably had about 14 different logitech mice, maybe even more if you count ones i’ve bought for my non gaming pcs/laptops over the years.

i’ve also had quite a few logitech keyboards, speakers, headsets and love/d them all.

Recently, i wanted to switch to a mechanical keyboard and went with a different company because i wanted a tenkeyless size and at the time logitech didn’t make one (they do now).

also i upgraded my headset to an AstroA50, which was really purchased for my xbox but has been transplanted to the pc for the time being. i do however have the new logitech wireless 7.1 headset on my amazon wish list. maybe santa will be kind this year.

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Logitech: affordable, durable, great selection.

no sense in giving specifics though because everyone wants different things.
Except for this, you should have this also.

sorry, one more thing, if you’re going to get the G13 gaming pad, know that the joystick is really small and awkward

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If Logitech made a fightstick I would have bought it. Alas I had to settle for this HORI.

This is what will elevate me above mediocrity. My Street Fighter and Skullgirls status is off the charts.

Edit - I should point out this is the epitome of mediocrity in the world of fightsticks. This thing can barely be modded. It is cheap and entry level. But I am proud.



IMO, if you find a mechanical keyboard for under $100, then it’s probably not worth getting.

I LOVE my setup (averages less than $100 per peripheral). I have:

Mouse: Corsair M65 - $62 - By far the best mouse I’ve ever used for gaming. That includes $100+ mice.

Keyboard: Corsair K70 MX Blue - $130 - Fantastic high-quality mechanical keyboard /w aluminum backplate. Find a better quality for this money and I will be shocked.

Headset: Corsair Vengeance 2100 - $99 - Excellent quality (Simulated Dolby 7.1 surround) AND it’s wireless… I can’t stand wired headsets.

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Corsair K70’s seem very expensive ~$130 and doesn’t fit the budget xD. I can just buy a coolermaster Quickfire rapid for $79.99 on amazon for free shipping or $50 depending on the prices for Black Friday Sales. I’m thinking about buying Logitech G430 because it has great audio quality and is cheaper. My friend is giving me his AKG Perception 120 for free so I don’t have to worry about the microphone. Mouse… I already have a logitech G700 Wireless Gaming Mouse (had it for 2 years) and it STILL runs great! Webcam I have a Microsoft Lifecam HD 1280x720.

Overall, I will definitely be buying the G430. Although, still thinking which keyboard to buy. I might be buying the Corsair STRAFE, but I’m in need for Cherry MX Red and RGB Keyboards. Might have to risk buying the Corsair K70 MX Reds.

Note: I also need to buy gifts for my father and mother’s birthday :slight_smile:



Loving that Corsair line of equipment @Mohomohommad.

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Logitech checking in; I own and am happy with all of the following:

Prices were at time of posting and may have fluctuated by the time you’re reading this :wink:

#G930 Wireless 7.1 Headset - $87.99

:ballot_box_with_check: Wireless

:ballot_box_with_check: 7.1

:ballot_box_with_check: Over-the-ear cups

:ballot_box_with_check: Actual, durable mic on an arm rather than a shitty in-cup one; it also has noise rejection/cancellation (the opening on the back of it you can see in the pic)

:ballot_box_with_check: Volume/mute controls and macro buttons on the side (great for an alternate push to talk when you’re not at the keys); the stereo/7.1 toggle is on the back of the left cup as well

:ballot_box_with_check: <$100

:ballot_box_with_check: 'nuff said :wink:

#G910 Orion Spark Keyboard - $143.99

Yes, it’s RGB and mechanical (but not clicky). It should be noted that it doesn’t have an actual charging dock, just a spot to mount a device that can link via wifi to your Logitech software and do way more than the older LCD screens they used to include could. The key caps are a major point of contention for the naysayers of this keyboard, but after spending some time in a Best Buy trying it out, I decided they were just fine and people just like to bitch about any- and everything :wink:

#G13 Programmable Keypad - $62.17

Since this keypad has come out it’s been the standard, IMO. I switched from an n52 back in 2009 and I’m still using the one I bought then; it’s a beast, works great, and I’ve never been want for any other keypad since purchasing it. Additionally, the LCD screen does a ton of different things (it even has built-in support and features for a number of apps and games, including Guild Wars 2 and Mumble) and I use it daily for various whatnot.

Meh, my hand is huge and I don’t have any issues with it as-is :wink:

#G600 MMO Gaming Mouse - $39.99

A slightly-larger mouse than the Razer Naga with a similar but more pronounced button layout and a toggle/extra-click button under your ring finger for less than half the price of the competition. Sure it’s wired, but I prefer to run wired anyhow.

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Can you fit a charger cable on it though? It seems really annoying to rely on battery life while gaming like that.



The bottom is solid plastic and by default it retracts to be flush with the keyboard (which is mostly how I keep mine). If you enable the gyroscopic screen rotation enabled on your device, you could easily turn it upside down and plug a charging cable in; this would also give you access to your home button as needed :wink:



What about laying it horizontal/landscape?



You could (and the cable wouldn’t be blocked) but I don’t know if the app supports that layout. You’d also lose a bit of your scree visibility behind the keyboard body (Samsung G4 w/o case and Rainbow Dash for scale ;))

It should be noted that I don’t get good WIFI in this room, so I haven’t messed around with the software overmuch and, resultingly, cannot speak in depth on its functionality.



Very nice! Thanks for the photo, that’s exactly what I needed. I’m really liking this set of peripherals. It’s a hard toss up between what you’ve posted and the Corsair set that @Mohomohommad posted.

I might have to do some research on the software.



For me, aside from some bias from my Logitech brand loyalty over the years (built largely on their durability and performance over the last decade or so I’ve been buying Logitech stuff), it came down to the software as well. I hated Corsair’s software.


I had a Corsair K95 for a couple years (up until several months ago) and eventually gave up on getting the software to work correctly. When I was in the market for a new (RGB) keyboard, I was doing a lot of comparisons between the Razer/Logitech/Corsair offerings as they were the trifecta of offerings from major brands at the time (TT has since put out an RGB, I believe) and every review liked the Corsair keyboard to varying degrees but did not like the software (it was a ding on them in each review I read or watched). That was enough for me to decide I wasn’t in the mood to deal with their software again and since I already had Logitech software for all my other peripherals, it was the easy choice after some hands-on time with it.



The Corsair software for the H100i is terrible, too.



I won’t say Logitech’s software is perfect and doesn’t have some issues here and there, but it been way more stable and manageable on its worst day than my Corsair install ever was.

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I believe that. Logitech has been in the game for a long time.



OoOoOo… Fancy!

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