What Is/Was Your Best Gaming Peripheral Setup?


I mean, if you want to pay extra so the keyboard that has to endure such rigors as “sitting on a hard, flat, unforgiving desk all day” and “being viciously assaulted by up to 10 human digits at a time” can be made from aluminium, be my guest :wink:

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The K95 is $10 more when they’re regular price… it has way more macro buttons, isn’t a plastic POS, and doesn’t look like it’s out of a bad '60s sci-fi movie.

Logitech is garbage for build quality. I’ll gladly concede that they have better software, but I spend about 1% of my time in the software and 99% of my time actually using the product.



I owned it,

and it was kinda shite; I now own a solid-plastic Logitech keyboard,

and I’m happy again :wink:


For that matter, @Philspaz has my old G930 I bought back in 2010 (maybe late 2009; I can’t remember for sure); spoiler alert: it still works too :wink:

In my opinion, the flaw in your thinking is that the software is somehow not related to the quality of the product or enjoyment/usability thereof. Without the software that K95 had no macros button functionality and was nothing more than a mostly mechanical keyboard (that’s right, not all those keys are even mechanical); it was literally an overpriced base-line keyboard at that point. I’ll take the product that works (bells, whistles, and all) as intended. Also, my G910 keyboard is rocking Strats green-colored key lighting (it’s RGB, you can change the color of each key individually) and isn’t (to me) overly-odd in its design, so (to me) it



  1. It’s unfortunate that you had a bad experience with your K95. I used a K90 for quite a while and, while the software wasn’t the smoothest, it worked just fine. Essentially it was a little bit clunky, but I didn’t have to go change things too often so it didn’t matter. Only reason I switched to the K70 was because I felt it was too long and taking up too much room on my desk.

  2. Looking like it’s out of a bad '60s sci-fi movie has nothing to do with the backlight color.

  3. Congrats. You’ve had a single logitech product that has lasted a long time. Not exactly a large sample size. I had a G5 mouse I had to send in (I gave it to my brother when I got my new mouse… It’s dead now), and I had to send in my G10 keyboard twice (it broke, they send me a new one, and that one broke). Software was good. Too bad I didn’t have the product to use.


Just did a quick google search. The first 5 places:

  • PC Mag
  • Engadget
  • Top 10 Reviews
  • Guru 3D
  • PC World

Every single one rated the K95 better than the Orion G910.



Aesthetics can be debated ad nauseum; you’re welcome to your feelings on the matter, I just disagree :wink:

I cited 2 different products up there, but I’m happy to go further:

In over 15 years, I’m on my 5th keyboard (3rd one by Logitech. The first 2 of which were rubber-dome and I owned the K95 before the current G910; the 5th keyboard was a wireless one I owned while living in Japan and the dongle broke when I hit it with my chair). I’ve owned a handful of mice (Basic 2-botton types, a Naga, a Naga Elite, and an M.M.O.7 in addition to my G600; I’m more happy with my current one than I’ve ever been previously) and 5-6 headsets (2-3 not-gaming/generic headsets, a G35 that I replaced and gave away to @esmm40 (it would have been ~2 years old at this point) when I upgraded in 2009-2010 for a G930 that I thought was going out but turned out to be the shitty, ungrounded power in the government housing I was living in at the time; @Philspaz still owns and uses that set, which I replaced with the G930 I still own); I mean, maybe I just have the luck of the gods, but it could also be that many people on the internet exaggerate the lack-of durability some products are purported to have in conjunction with expounding the high life expectancy others have.

In all honestly, I'm citing a wide range of their products and you're pointing to a single failing with a device you had. I had similar trouble with @PreshusKitty's EVGA GTX 680 where the first one started artifacting on day 2 after install. We sent it back and got another that started artifacting from go. The next (3rd) one is still in her computer some 3 years later and working like a champ. The point I'm trying to draw is an isolated incident does not a pattern establish (and while I myself could be a statistical anomaly, it's a much-higher degree of unlikely than the single instance you've reference ;)). Redacted due to edits/misreading ;)


Two products failed multiple times… that’s 4 logitech products that broke for me…

Also… see any review site on the internet to tell you who has better products.



I just checked the reviews on strats.co for peripherals; it seems like there are a lot of good products by multiple brands and opinions on the matter vary widely (though are generally thought-out, informative, and accurate to the individual user’s experience) :wink:

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I like my PC peripherals like I like my women.




And that concludes tonight’s episode of Mohomo hates Logitech and Auth loves it. Stay tuned for a new episode no doubt coming next time someone asks for help selecting peripherals.

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Does anyone have a mechanical keyboard that isn’t loud and they would recommend? I want one but I use my computer in my living area. The only issue I’ve had with logitech is that their most current software (that is used for all devices) works on windows 7 and 10 but not 8.1 (downloaded a legacy driver and now I’m extremely happy). Like Auth said, I’ve got his old headset and it works like a charm.



I don’t think there are really any quiet mechanical keyboards… Just less-loud.

MX Brown switches have a tactile response like the loud clicky blue ones, but are much quieter.

MX Red switches have no tactile response and are quieter.



Here’s a website that shows all the different switches and what they do.


I believe Logitech’s Romer G switches are similar to the MX Brown



In all honestly, @Philspaz, the stealth version of Razer’s products are pretty quiet, as is the G910, but beyond that (like @Mohomohommad was saying) look into what MX key they come with (Razer and Logitech are both using proprietary ones now, which is why I mention them specifically).

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“A potted history of Cherry”… don’t you mean… pitted…

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I have heard not particularly good things about the Razer mechanical keyboards… I haven’t really heard any bad experiences with the Romer G switches. I think the Romer G switches are much more similar to the Cherry MX ones than the Razer ones are.



I had no idea that the G13 was so cheap. I kinda want one now.

This is my keyboard
It’s a Microsoft SIDEWINDER X4 Keyboard

This is my mouse
CM Storm Recon - Ambidextrous 4000 DPI Gaming Mouse with Multicolor LEDs for Left and Right Handed Users



Actually, I think it’s the other way around:

##Cherry MX Switches

##Razer Orange Switch

##Logitech Romer-G



Nope. Red is linear, brown is tactile, and blue is tactile and clicky.



@PreshusKitty had a SIDEWINDER X6 for several years

before switching to the Razer BlackWidow Chroma Stealth



Also, back to helping OP… Since neither the G910 or the K95 are in his price range.

If you’re going to spend less than $100, I wouldn’t get a mechanical keyboard. It’s likely lacking in some way to get it down to that price.