What is your favorite game soundtrack?


A friend and I were chatting earlier and he brought up the classic Smash TV series (yet another game I wish I’d added to my list), and I was immediately reminded of the title screen music (which was promptly dropped in the jams thread). Now I’m just thinking about awesome video game soundtracks, and I’m curious which ones are your favorites? For me, these two came to mind instantly:


Loved the boss music in this game.


+1 for TLoU; the main title song is just spectacular.

I’d have to name The Uncharted series as one of my favs. Another one I’d add is The Banner Saga.




maybe not the best ost, but is such a great example of music adding to a game instead of just being present

The whole thing isn’t great, but there are some really good tracks imo

Honestly didn’t realize how much I enjoyed the Skyrim soundtrack until I heard a bunch of covers by fans

some oldies but goodies


I’ll second/third The Last of Us and Skyrim


That’s hard. Dues Ex had got to be up there. Probably Mass Effect, too. I like that synth cyberpunk thing.

While the game wasn’t great, Remember Me has a decent cyberpunk soundtrack as well:


Damn! Forgot about Remeber Me, such a good game and soundtrack!


I never finished it. Should I?


In my opinion yes. It isnt an earth shattering ending, but it builda up so well throughout.


The first track always gets me. Used to be that the first track of the very first Deus ex game got me as well. “Got me” being that it makes me want to play the game just for the music



super mario world



No links, but when I’m feeling some good video game OST’s, WoW: Wrath of the Lich King’s OST is really good, basically Hans Zimmer-level pieces.

Now, when I want real nostalgia, FF8 all the way.


alright, if we’re going the nostalgia route…


Does it count as your favorite soundtrack if it’s just one song? If so, Civilization 4.


Absolutely because I love that song.


Me at 1:44


Yeah man, watching Washington defeat the Brits and hoist the flag gets me every time too :us: