What is your favorite game soundtrack?


Now we’re talking…


Remix of a classic:

But seriously, the original was iconic, and the new versions for the latest game were :fire:


How has Halo not even gotten a mention here? That seems blasphemous.

Although, my personal favourite from Halo 2 has to be this:


Alright, I guess links are in order.

First up, Lament of the Highborne, from WoW.

Second, Tristram Village from Diablo 1 and 2.

Third, the Intro music from FF8.

Fourth, Hymn of the Fayth from FF10

Fifth, To Zanarkand from FF10

Lastly, just a little curveball. Passion from Kingdom Hearts 2, from arguably one of my most favorite singers ever. This is the Japanese version.


GREAT song. Learned how to play it on the piano.


Actraiser. Full soundtrack.


oh man, taking me back to a long while ago but i have to say my all time favorite has got to be the World of Warcraft Wrath of the litch king ost, i used to just love going to storm peaks and sit up there listing to the track in the zone on repeat


Late reply here but IMO the best soundtrack belongs to The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky as it has some of my favorite tracks in all of gaming. If you need a reason to check it out do if for the sick music.


I’m going to necro this post to point out that Bethesda took note of Malukah’s covers and Skyrim Inspired originals. Zenimax Online even hired her to play the part of one of the Bards that appear in different places in Elder Scrolls Online.

I thought it was pretty cool that she went from singing songs about a game on youtube, to singing songs IN the game.

That’s all.


That is definitely cool. Is she in the industry now? Producing stuff for other games?


This I do not know.
I don’t think so, but more research is required.

I know that both her YouTube and Twitch careers got a big bump from it.