What is your favorite thing from E3 2015?


After the dust has settled over the LACC, what is your favorite game/announcement coming from E3 2015?

Off the top of my head, I think mine has to be Fallout 4. I am ready to get my hands on this title, and hopefully am able to pre-order a collectors edition.

How about you all?


For Honor was the only game that really caught my attention…

Nvm!!! Final Fantasy 7!!!

I’ve been waiting for this damn near half my life!!!


I am still holding the torch for The Division. But i also liked Fallout 4 and the new Need for Speed looks amazing.



This stuff:

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The presentation was super-hokey, but I’m excited that this is a thing that’s happening :wink:


Easy. BattleFront III


almost cried when they finally announced Kingdom Hearts 3.


Definitely Fallout 4. The announcement trailer before E3 did not thrill me much, but the game play footage has me sold, esp. with the detailed customization and crafting.

The Division looks like it could be amazing, and For Honor looks fun.

I’m not real hyped about Uncharted 4 or Dark Souls 3, surpringly. I think I burned out on the UC games by playing them all in a row too quickly, and I’m hesitant about DS3, after my love/hate relationship with Bloodborne.


I have played Hitman since it first launched idk how many years ago. After Hitman:Absolution I have been wanting to scratch the itch with something new, and here it is!



Release date is December 8th 2015 for Xbone, PS4 and PC.


this trailer gave me some chils as well, mainly cuz it was a good trailer. But i have also been playing hitman for years, even played the first game seriously, like buying all the guides and going perfect.

cant wait to see what new implementations they can bring.