What it means to be a guild officer

  It has come to my attention that a few of us have military training. This can come out to our advantage in great bounds.   
  Ductos Exemplo, Latin for 'Lead by Example', is a motto that should be adopted by any officer in any organization, and is in some. A guild officer should uphold themselves to the highest degree of professionalism in both PVE and PVP. Minding what one says and speaking with purpose will demand respect from fellow players and promote motivation while establishing comradery within a group. Never quick to anger and demonstrating patience with anyone, not just newer players, in group chats will make for a more fun and lore friendly gaming experience.
  A guild officer has integrity and should be the first one to deposit good gear into the guild bank while making monthly contributions in gold and crafting supplies.
  Finally, a guild officer's desire and motivation to lead fellow guild mates are deciding factors in the officer's success. A guild officer should be well versed in ESO's layout, leveling systems, and classes enabling him/her to promptly and accurately answer any questions posed by fellow guild members. And he/she should be ready and willing to help other players with quests and dungeons whenever needed. 
 By holding one's self to these standards, a guild officer is set apart from the rest of the guild. They can be depended on when you just can't bury that one boss, or when a skyshard is nowhere to be seen, after what seems like hours of exploration. The guild officer is not just different than a regular guild member, the guild officer is the guild. Their attitude and actions speak for the guild and their dedication and motivation carry the guild forward. 

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Well said. I am an E5 team leader and I will soon be a squad leader. I went through the entire OCS program but decided not to accept my commission but I still got the great training.

My only issue is when I get home I tend to turn it off. When I am in military mode I am gung ho about leading and taking care of my troops. When I get home if I don’t wind down and take it easy it starts to affect my family (my wife doesn’t like being ordered around :smile:)

This is why when I am in civilian mode I tend to be quiet. This is why you won’t hear me speak much in mumble. I am always in there listening and willing to provide input though. This is why I don’t think I would make the best guild officer. Simply because I turn it off.


This is a great overview of what a great guild officer should be. I have 18 years of military service (2 till retirement). You often do not get the full package with everyone. A good leader can be deficient in some areas and still be very successful. the key is to play to your strengths and acknowledge your weakness. Constantly strive for self betterment and keep the best interest of those you lead in mind. Great post.


I wrote something similar and had “Ductos Exemplo” in mind when I signed up to be an officer in Reddithium, so this particularly resonates with me, and though I have no military training, I will certainly accept any military-style training our officers have to offer in-game.


This is actually what I put in the reddit application. I was feeling motivated and pulled it up and re-posted here.