What kind of character are you going to create?

What kind of GTA Online character are you going to be creating? I’m leaning towards making a character that looks as much like me as possible. I also considered making a female character instead to maybe add to the awesome and the sex appeal of the whole GTA world experience that we all know and love.

I have a character from the PS3 days. Anyone know if we’ll have the ability to restructure its appearance?


From Rockstar:
“The Next Generation Character Creator.
Give your GTA Online player a dramatic makeover thanks to the new customization options that the overhauled character creator offers. Create a brand new character from scratch or take your current guy or gal for a bit of cosmetic surgery in true Los Santos fashion.”

So I guess you will be able to restructure the appearance.

I haven’t decided what my character will look like yet, I probably figure it out once I get in and start messing with it.

Nice! That’s great news. I can keep my PS3 accomplishments and make him look a bit better. The old character customizations were pretty bad.

As a newcomer, it’s understandable and simultaneously disheartening that a lot of people will be rolling in at an extremely high level compared to those of us starting fresh, but it’s equally unfair to expect your playerbase to reset as well; I supppse they at least took care of the paying customers well :wink:

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I didn’t spend too much time in GTA Online. I didn’t have a good crew and it’s really hard out there for a lone G.

Yeah, but you’re a likely an exception; I’m expecting (game-wide, maybe not so much within our current community) to run into a lot of 100+ toons that got transfered forward.

On topic: undecided, I’ll probably mess with it u til I’m bored and call it good :wink:

I’m going to start off with a character that likes like me. That being said, he will probably turn into a super hero when I get done tights…

Are there El Caminos for the ladies? I would expect GTA to be a beacon of equality.

I too will try to make a reasonable replica of myself…minus a few pounds of course…lol.
@auth im i the same boat…i have never touched a gta game so im a fresh pimp as well.


I don’t know what to pick… Strats help me decide :frowning:

@Nubhugs, I feel like you’re asking Strats this question :wink:

Edit: So, do we think @Nubhugs looks like a bitch? I’m going with “maybe” :wink:


This is how I view Strats and Crew in GTA Online.


Oh god please let this be contained just in this thread before I make it to bitch status in the GTA crew


Too late

You could have stopped this @Auth

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Give him a title!

Et tu Brute?! My GTA reputation crashed and burned before it took off…

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Its OK @Nubhugs, just make a pretty female character and you can be my Goomah. :smirk:


I’m hoping I can fit my character in a nice suit.