What kind of desks are you guys using?


I’m looking at getting a new desk, couch, and a second TV for my game room. @vocino summed up my situation with graduating college and getting a real job when he said

So anyways. I’m looking at this desk right now. I was wondering what you guys where using.


In general, I would focus on maximized surface area (depth becomes more important than you realize) and not putting your computer in a cabinet to trap in all its heat :wink:


I was not gonna put my puter in there. We have the same case and I think we both know that baby needs to breath in the open air. :wink:


Seriously though, that desk is pretty thin from front-to-back; I’d try to find something with a bit more depth if it were me, but it doesn’t look like a bad desk either. I’m also a sucker for corner desks :wink:


I have a wide and but not deep room. That leaves me with no corner desk. :frowning:


I linked the wrong desk; look at the link!


I’ve seen that one. I want like a center piece, so I can mount up two TVs above it and have everything centralized. I might do something like this and get some storage on the side. I might be able to take out the second shelve and put my computer there, then put my PS4 on the other side. I just need to find something like that, but


I don’t recommend that desk because it looks like it wants you to put your PC in that cabinet and without doing that it makes it wasted space.

This is a really great option if you dig standing desks: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/S19022530/#/S59022528

Also Ikea has other cheaper desks.


Yeah. Your definitely right. I’m trying to find something more modern and open now.

Edit: Facebook disposable income is different than mine though… That desk is expensive.


If you’re wanting to do mounting prime directive #1 is to crack out a stud finder to figure out where in your room you can mount and work around those limitations when determining desk dimensions.

Also, if you don’t walk up to your SO at least once to point it at yourself and make beeping noises, you’re doing it wrong :wink:


I checked that. This house was remodeled right before we moved in. My game room used to had a door into my sisters room. They took it out to give her a giant closet, because reasons. So there is a door fame in the right spots. :smile:


You could build your own desk if your into that. I’m looking into making something like this: http://www.instructables.com/id/Black-Iron-Pipe-Table/


That is pretty sweet. My biggest problem is I dont know where to put my massive computer. I need a shelve or something to put it on.


Put it on the floor like a normal person and buy some longer cables :wink:


I just have a big ass IKEA table. they used to sell table tops in different colors and you just choose the leg length/style/color. i used to have 2 identical ones in a L-formation, but i got rid one of them in one of my many moves. kinda wish i still had it, but it’s big and simple.

i also modified it and added a custom made pull out drawer for my midi keyboard (music). it was when i was in a massive DIY phase last summer.

and there’s plenty of room underneath to staple/screw/bubble gum all your cables to the bottom. i’d take some pictures but i messed up all my super neat cable management when i built the midi drawer and i never fixed it.

edit: i found this link in an earlier post to get a good look at my desk. my workstation looks significantly different now due to some additional streaming equipment, but you get an idea of the desk:


I have carpet floors and 2 cats and a dog. My computer would be destroyed.


Our case has air filters and mine sits on the carpeted floor with 2 cats; if it’s against the side of the desk, and you assert proper authority on the furry little bastards, you won’t have any problems :wink:


That looks pretty sweet.

Side note: A Motley Crew book?


rofl, my wife is an old school hair metal band junkee and she’s also obsessed with reading memoirs. there’s actually 4 motley crue books in there and they’re all actually really entertaining to read, well the 3 memoirs are at least. one of them is actually just some picture book.


[quote=“Dynamible, post:1, topic:5584”]
disposable income.
[/quote] You say, than this is the desk for you…

Or this

It’s out of stock, but you can still order it.