What Monitor To Get?


I am working on saving some $ for a nice pair of monitors. I’m not looking to pay much over $100 per if possible. I have 2 GTX 550 TI’s SLIed. Any thoughts?


The most important stat in buying monitors when it comes to gaming is the response time (measured in milliseconds—smaller number is better).

A display with a high response time (which is a high number like 8ms) will take more time to respond to the changes your GPU is sending down the HDMI cable. This leads to things like ghosting, tearing, and blurring.

So in general, do a search for the lowest ms time you can find within your budget and then move up from there in terms of size, ratio, and resolution to your liking.


This is the monitor I currently run. Like it so much I just bought a second one.


Seconded. I love that monitor. ASUS makes some good monitors, too. I like all ASUS stuff, actually. I love ASUS.



I have now, two asus monitors, asus motherboard, and asus nexus 7. No asus Gpu tho, I usually go for EVGA.


This guy gets it.


I have a Philips 242G, I love it except for the software (SmartControl). They haven’t updated it for my GTX760, but it still works if you tweak it. The monitor itself plug and play, and looks amazing. The stand is top notch and the remote control is nice when I switch between game settings. Oh and it has a 1ms response time and is 144HZ, so there is that as well. I did give up two monitors for this, and it was well worth it. Nothing like true 1080p on a big monitor. :smile:




Oh shit that’s beautiful.


Yes it is…looking to replace my Samsung SA950. :wink: