What music service do you use?

I actually buy everything on itunes then download it to my ipod for car use.

Avast, thar all ye pirates! I plunder all me music from th’ interwebs! Torrents forever!!! :smiley:

For realz though I use pandora on my phone and when I want a mix playlist. Otherwise I just download what I like for CD’s and such cuz my car doesn’t have USB :frowning:

Not sure if you heard about all the Spotify privacy stuff, but you may want to look into it if you’re concerned about that at all.

I use Pandora; good variety, easy way to mix up stations, and it’s free. Ads aren’t even a huge deal.

Good on you for being able to tolerate ads. If I’m listening and in the zone of some sweet music, like Alt J or something really moving, ads completely throw me off my funk. Especially if I’m drawing or something.

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When you live broke for most of your life you learn to tolerate the little things to save a buck.


I’m in the same boat deciding if I want to stay with Apple music or switch back to my old setup of Spotify for specific music I want, and Pandora for its streams which seem to stay closer to my tastes than Spotify’s radio mode but still gives me some new stuff I haven’t heard before.
I’m a little resistant to locking even more into Apple but its very convenient to keep all my music accessible from all my devices plus get new streaming content.

Spotify all the way…Collab playlists are key for my friends and I.

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Spotify as there are people who actually make twitch music to stream which is legal and licensed and makes my past broadcast clean without mutes :smile:

Twitch maintains a SoundCloud playlist with all of their licensed music.

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I used to use soundcloud but apparently some music I have played on the playlist is actually not licensed (According to my past broadcasts with soundcloud anyways)

If it’s music from their playlist, I would absolutely dispute it. I mean it’s on them to properly curate that list if they’ve presented it as an official playlist of accepted audio.

Then I shall dispute it and finally have highlights :smiley:

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I use Google Music. Living in Canada my options are limited, but it works great.

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A friendly reminder: if you get your songs through less-than-legal means, I’m not here to tell you to stop, but please don’t post about it or other similarly-nefarious whatnot on Strats.

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I use Amazon Music, especially since they started doing autorip (Buy a physical album and they automatically add the mp3 files to your cloud storage (no DRM)). I manage them in iTunes, but sometimes stream from my phone when lacking anything else.

Google music,

I use google rewards and periodically get short surveys sent to me by google that gives me google play credits so I haven’t had to pay for music for a while. Works pretty good.

I use Pandora for most of my personal music needs. When it’s time to stream I use NoCopyrightSounds Twitch page or Monstercat’s Twitch page. Monstercat has a bot you can invite that will provide information every time a new song starts to play in your chat.

edit: Apparently NCS now has a bot you can invite as well.

Spotify, I dont use Apple products and in germany the most music services restricted due to law and stuff.

And I can use it everywhere where I need it, aka my laptop, pc and smartphone.

I use Google music and love it.

Spammer-float; move along.